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Transcript: Jeremy Hammond Defense Rally, New York City, 21 February, 2013

We’d like to thank the Independent Workers Party of Chicago for this transcript, produced by them.  This is from the recusal hearing that was held last week, in which the judge in Jeremy Hammond’s case refused to recuse herself from the hearing – to remove herself from being the trial judge, that is, due to … Continue reading

New Jeremy Hammond Essay: “On Aaron Swartz and the Criminalization of Digital Dissent”

This is  a new essay written by imprisoned US political activist Chicagoan Jeremy Hammond – outrageously thrown into solitary confinement by his jailers – who faces up to 30 years in prison for the non-crime of allegedly exposing the crimes of the US government and its hired flunkeys due to his alleged involvement in the … Continue reading

WikiLeaks’ Stratfor “US Election-related” emails Underwhelm with In-Depth “Craptoalysis”

[Holy cow, how are we gonna follow that post?  And he’s such a shy boy in person, really!  You would never KNOW!] WikiLeaks made a big splash last week – and when we say “big splash”, we mean the kind that happens when you urinate upwind of yourself in a hurricane – when they released … Continue reading

WikiLeaks Begins Releasing 200,000 Stratfor Files on US Elections!

Well, boys and girls, it looks like the US elections finally became interesting!  After weeks of blathering nonsense and insulting behavior toward the working class by both of the anointed candidates of the US capitalist class, the US election is about to heat up a bit, thanks to WikiLeaks. Today, the official WikiLeaks website announced … Continue reading

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