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UPDATED – BREAKING NEWS: WikiLeaks Publishes Jan 2015 Draft of “Investment Chapter” of Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

[UPDATE (30 March 2015): We’ve added our own set of .pdf files for all the TPP docs released so far by WikiLeaks; you’ll find them at the bottom of this article – FoWL – Chicago] BREAKING (25 March 2015): Tonight WikiLeaks has published a secret draft version of the “Investment Chapter” of the notorious Trans-Pacific … Continue reading

UPDATED: Read the Gag Order the Australian Government Doesn’t Want You to See

Who do these idiots in the Australian Government think they are?  Do they know what the Internet is?  Their vast stupidity is an endless source of lulz for us tonight especially. UPDATE: Unfortunately, the link below has been returning a 404 error; we should have foreseen this and posted the above links last night … Continue reading

Open Letter to WikiLeaks Party of Australia Regarding 2013 Australian Elections “Preferencing” and Support of Ron & Rand Paul

[UPDATE, 20 August, 2013 4:30PM Chicago, IL time: We have received no response to our email published below from the WikiLeaks Party of Australia as of this hour. – FoWL Chicago] [Note: The email we publish below was sent by us to the WikiLeaks Party of Australia (WLPA) earlier today, 19 August, 2013. It has … Continue reading

UPDATED: Full Version of the WikiLeaks Party of Australia Political Program

[NOTE: The WikiLeaks Party has published an expanded version of the party platform we published here.  You can download a .pdf of their latest version of it here: 2013/08/WLP_platform.pdf You’re welcome!  As this seems to be an ongoing project for them, we will try to provide updates as they are released by WLP Australia.  – … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: WikiLeaks Party of Australia: Fans of Margaret Thatcher?

The new WikiLeaks Party of Australia just launched a couple of weeks ago, and we were wondering what this would mean for WikiLeaks politically.  Because running for high political office causes the “powers that be” in a capitalist society to question your allegiance to many things, first and formost, your allegiance to the capitalist class … Continue reading

WikiLeaks Creates Database of 2 Million US State Department Cables in New “Public Library of U.S. Diplomacy””

On the 8th of April, 2013, at a nearly empty National Press Club in Washington D.C.,  WikiLeaks Julian Assange announced announced that the group had created a new, searchable database of over 1.7 million “formerly confidential” U.S. State Department cables they dubbed  “The WIKILEAKS Public Library of US Diplomacy” or “PLUSD”. These documents – many … Continue reading

New Friends of WikiLeaks Members – Remember to Activate your FoWL Accounts!

Did you recently sign up to become a new member of the “Friends of WikiLeaks”? Yes?  Good!  We can’t wait to meet you!  But before we can get together and start working on the new document releases; before we can start raising money locally in support of WikiLeaks; before you can build this organization with … Continue reading

UPDATING September 2014: Friends of WikiLeaks International Directory

UPDATE, 10 September 2014:  WikiLeaks has apparently suspended its support for “Friends of WikiLeaks, having shut down the official FoWL website last year as they launched their WikiLeaks Party of Australia.  Many other FoWL groups’ sites have lain fallow for the past year or two.  Our own website has been largely inactive over the past … Continue reading


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