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Tor Project Salesmen Appelbaum and Gibson Continue to Flog Useless Tor “Anonymity Software” Around the World. Why?

On 28 December 2014, the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel released a huge tranche of documents from the Snowden archives to the public.  Some of these had been released by the Guardian, the New York Times and the website ProPublica earlier but in redacted or incomplete forms. The Der Spiegel article accompanying the release – “Prying … Continue reading

Tor Project’s Lying 2012 Financial Report: “60% of Our Funding Comes from the U.S. Government”

The Tor Project has recently released its 2012 Financial Report; the good news is that when it comes to “openness and transparency”, they are second to none.  The bad news, however, is really bad: they proudly embrace their “partnership” with the U.S. Government, and falsely assert that in 2012 fully 60% of their funding came … Continue reading

Tor Project Executive Director Andrew Lewman’s Response to Our 2nd “Open Letter” to Tor

We have just received an email response to our 2nd “Open Letter” to Tor from Andrew Lewman, Executive Director of the Tor Project.  His letter, which we reprint in its entirety, speaks for itself; however, we will publish our response to it later today or tomorrow. Lewman’s letter grossly misrepresents many of the points we … Continue reading

Tor “Sponsor F”: Make Your Product More Useful to Us for Attacks on China

Here is an example of one of the contracts the Tor Project has underway at the present time. Read this and try to figure out who is behind this particular project. You will not that, at the end of the list of project objectives, the country of China is mentioned specifically. We asked Tor Project … Continue reading

Tor Project’s Support for US Espionage Activities in Syria, Iran and China Questioned in New Open Letter to Andrew Lewman

The following is the text of a new email we’ve just sent to Mr. Andrew Lewman, Executive Director of the Tor Project. We will publish his response when we receive it. In his email to us we received yesterday, Mr. Lewman admitted that the two major funders of the Tor Project in 2011 were the … Continue reading

Tor Project Executive Director Andrew Lewman Responds to Our “Open Letter”

We have received the following response from Andrew Lewman, Executive Director of the Tor Project, in response to our earlier “Open Letter” inquiring about the sources of Tor’s funding, which, in 2011, consisted largely of donations from the US Department of Defense and the US State Department: Subject:       Re: [tor-assistants] (no subject) From:      … Continue reading

Open Letter to the Tor Project: Where Does Your Money Come From and Why Do You Hide It From the Public?

We are about to send  just sent the following letter to the Tor Project in order to follow through on a suggestion forwarded to us by Jacob Applebaum. From our rather cursory look into the Tor Project and its funding it appears that – in 2011 at least – the organizers of the Tor Project … Continue reading

Tor Project: Surreptitiously Funded by US Defense, State Departments in 2011 via “Cutout” Company, “NGO”?

We love the Internets!  We love how you can start out looking at one thing, and then get slowly, imperceptibly drawn away towards something else, and then, all of a sudden… TECHNICOLOR! That’s what happened to us today. We started out by opening up our “Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago” Twitter account to see if … Continue reading

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