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WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange to Obama Administration SysAdmins: “Take The Data Now” Before They Destroy It

In a live-streamed interview and Q&A session on the “Periscope” website Monday (9 Jan 2017), Julian Assange of WikiLeaks charged the Obama Administration was in the process of committing “crimes against humanity” by rushing to destroy the most politically sensitive documents in US Government archives before Donald Trump takes office. “Past administrations of both the … Continue reading

US Government: Interfering in European Elections Since At Least the End of World War Two

During the 2016 US Presidential Election, the candidates of the twin parties owned and operated by the US capitalist class – the Republicans and the Democrats – began a campaign of lies and disinformation about what they charged was intolerable Russian intervention in the US electoral process.  The Russians, they alleged, were responsible for the … Continue reading

Assange Statement on US Election – We Are Not Partisan – WikiLeaks “Must Publish And Be Damned”

[We reprint below a statement by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in regard to the unprincipled and unjustified attacks levied against WikiLeaks for publishing emails from Hillary Clinton’s (former) campaign chairman John Podesta and others. It was originally published on the WikiLeaks website on 8 November 2016. – FoWL Chicago] Assange Statement on the US Election … Continue reading

Julian Assange Remains in Legal Limbo; 4 Years A Political Prisoner in “Democratic” England

Today, June 19, marks the 4th year that the heroic WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been kept a prisoner in the Ecuadorean embassy in London thanks to the connivance of the US and UK governments, using their puppet government of Sweden as the legal “justification” for his illegal and totally unwarranted incarceration.  We say: US/UK: … Continue reading

Movie Review – CITIZENFOUR: “Speaking Truth to Power” is not What Needs to Be Done (* out of 5)

[Note: this review is being simultaneously published by the Independent Workers Party of Chicago and the Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago on the respective websites of both groups.] CITIZENFOUR – a film by Laura Poitras We expected a lot from Laura Poitras’ new film CITIZENFOUR; we were massively disappointed.  With ex- CIA/NSA contract worker … Continue reading

UPDATED: Read the Gag Order the Australian Government Doesn’t Want You to See

Who do these idiots in the Australian Government think they are?  Do they know what the Internet is?  Their vast stupidity is an endless source of lulz for us tonight especially. UPDATE: Unfortunately, the link below has been returning a 404 error; we should have foreseen this and posted the above links last night … Continue reading

Good News from Down Under: Fascist-friendly WikiLeaks Party of Australia Fails to Gain Support of Aussie Working Class

In a stunning rebuke from the Australian working class for their blatant courtship of right-wing and fascist political parties in the “preferencing” scandal, the WikiLeaks Party of Australia (WLPA) appears to have failed to win even one seat in the Australian Senate. The Guardian, in an article published yesterday (8 September 2013), when only 2/3 … Continue reading

WikiLeaks Party of Australia Senate Candidate, National Council Members Resign Over “Preferencing” Scandal

In a highly predictable response to the WikiLeaks Party of Australia’s (WLPA) “inadvertent” preferencing of at least one fascist party over several revolutionary workers parties, Leslie Cannold – who was Julian Assange’s running mate in the Victoria Senate elections – has resigned from WLPA.  Leaving with her were six National Council members angered at what … Continue reading

Open Letter to WikiLeaks Party of Australia Regarding 2013 Australian Elections “Preferencing” and Support of Ron & Rand Paul

[UPDATE, 20 August, 2013 4:30PM Chicago, IL time: We have received no response to our email published below from the WikiLeaks Party of Australia as of this hour. – FoWL Chicago] [Note: The email we publish below was sent by us to the WikiLeaks Party of Australia (WLPA) earlier today, 19 August, 2013. It has … Continue reading

UPDATED: Full Version of the WikiLeaks Party of Australia Political Program

[NOTE: The WikiLeaks Party has published an expanded version of the party platform we published here.  You can download a .pdf of their latest version of it here: 2013/08/WLP_platform.pdf You’re welcome!  As this seems to be an ongoing project for them, we will try to provide updates as they are released by WLP Australia.  – … Continue reading


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