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FULL TEXT: US Dept. of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General – Review of FBI’s “Crossfire Hurricane” Investigation

                      USDoJ OIG Review of FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation_480-page pdf

We’re posting up the complete 480-page .pdf censored “version 2” of the US Dept. of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General’s “Review of Four FISA Applications And Other Aspects of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane Investigation” (Revised December 2019 version).  The term “WikiLeaks” is mentioned 63 times in this document, which delves into the way that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, which wanted Hillary Clinton elected President in 2016, lied over and over again in order to obtain secret FISA wiretap warrants so they could open an investigation into the Donald Trump campaign’s alleged “collusion” with Russia to win the 2016 Presidential election.  This entire alleged conspiracy was concocted by the partisans of Clinton in the US Deep State in order for them to prevent any attempt by Donald Trump to carry out his campaign promises to put an end to the US capitalist government’s endless war-making and to restrain the power of the Deep State.

The false allegations that Trump and his campaign had “colluded” with both the Russians and WikiLeaks to destroy the Hillary Clinton campaign for the US Presidency in 2016 were largely based on a “dossier” concocted by a former British spy for the sinister MI6, Christopher Steele (who also had worked previously with the FBI), who was hired by the Clinton campaign to dig up dirt on Donald Trump.  Steele produced a laughably poor piece of work that made a lot of wild allegations about “links” between the Trump campaign, the Russians and WikiLeaks that have all been thoroughly discredited.

We very quickly scanned through all 63 of the mentions of “WikiLeaks” in this document; and it appears to me that the addition of the allegations of “collusion” between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks were completely fabricated by Steele – or perhaps inserted into his dossier by someone else, perhaps at the FBI, and organization whose leadership was also opposed to Donald Trump’s election to the Presidency.  This document states over and over again that in fact Steele’s sources for his allegations of a Trump/WikiLeaks lash-up never claimed that there had been any connection between Trump’s campaign and WikiLeaks! When the Inspector General’s office went back and interviewed Steele’s sources to verify that they had told him of the links between WikiLeaks and Trump campaign officials, they denied having ever made those assertions!  So this document will certainly shine some light on one of the elements of the upcoming “espionage” trial the US has concocted against Julian Assange: his alleged conspiracy with “the Russians” to torpedo Hillary Clinton’s long-planned coronation as President of the USA which was upended by her own incompetence and her organic inability to win over the hearts and minds of the US working class with her and her Democratic Party’s stridently pro-business, anti-worker political program.

We hope that this document helps remove any doubt in the minds of anyone regarding the legitimacy of the US Government’s fraudulent claims that they possess proof that WikiLeaks was working hand-in-glove with “the Russians” when they released the Hillary Clinton e-mails in 2016.  No one has ever produced any proof of any such thing; in fact all the evidence presented so far by elements of the US Government and its so-called “intelligence” agencies indicates the opposite – just as WikiLeaks has always asserted.


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