Collateral Murder

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Chelsea Manning Released From Prison! But Legal Case Continues

  Finally!  One of the world’s most celebrated political prisoners, Chelsea Manning, was freed on May 17 after having had the remainder of her sentence inexplicably commuted by US War Criminal and Assassin-In-Chief Barack Obama late last year.  Her release is a victory for the millions of people worldwide who, considering her to be a … Continue reading

Collection of Declassified US Military Documents Related to “Collateral Murder” Investigation

The following documents are declassified US military docs related to the US Department of Defense’s “investigation” into the circumstances surrounding the murder by US forces of two Reuters journalists (Saeed Chmagh and Namir Noor-Eldeen) and at least 16 Iraqi men and the serious injury of 2 children which was captured on WikiLeaks’ famous “Collateral Murder” video, … Continue reading

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