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Update on Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago’s Membership Numbers

It seems like just yesterday we were complaining about the vast sea of apathy that exists in the working class intellectual wasteland that exists here in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA.  The utter lack of any serious working-class opposition to the continuing massive assaults on the trade union movement in Chicago continues unabated.  The unionized … Continue reading

Did you sign up for Friends of WikiLeaks on the WL Website? THEN LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT!

We have been experiencing an astounding phenomenon on the Friends of WikiLeaks website: ostensible prospective FoWLers who set up FoWL accounts through the official FoWL website, but then never bother to sign in to their accounts, thereby activating them, and making it possible for us to contact these new members! Either there has been a … Continue reading

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