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#TwitterCensorship hits @FoWLChi for the third time!

Fucking, fucking Twitter!  They claim we were “exhibiting automated behavior” on our Twitter account.  How the hell they came to that conclusion is beyond us.  The night we got shut down we were having live conversation with various people openly online. Obviously they are pretending to be repairing the self-inflicted damage they caused for themselves … Continue reading

UPDATED: 1989 “Report of US Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics and International Relations” a.k.a. “The Kerry Report” – Volumes One, Two and Three

[Note: we have updated the introductions to this entire article to encopass the addition of the other two volumes of the “Kerry Report”.  We would like to acknowledge our debt to the folks at who originally produced these copies of these documents and published them on the Internet years ago.  We are republishing them … Continue reading

US Department of Defense Releases List of All 300+ Hollywood Films DoD Helped Produce

Hello friends!  Ever wonder what it means when you see on the Big Screen a reference to the fact that the movie you just watched and had an emotional response to was produced “with the assistance of” the US Military? Just how extensive has the US military’s influence on Hollywood been over the years?  How … Continue reading

Transcript: Jeremy Hammond Defense Rally, New York City, 21 February, 2013

We’d like to thank the Independent Workers Party of Chicago for this transcript, produced by them.  This is from the recusal hearing that was held last week, in which the judge in Jeremy Hammond’s case refused to recuse herself from the hearing – to remove herself from being the trial judge, that is, due to … Continue reading

Read Pirate Bay Spokesman Peter Sunde’s Appeal of His Kafkaesque Conviction For Existing

The term “Kafkaesque” – describing a hopeless, senseless situation or series of events is overused and has become something of a cliche during the past 50 years.  All kinds of merely ironic or odd occurrences are mislabeled as being “Kafkaesque”. But the prosecution (we should say, more correctly, “persecution”) and convictions of the principal people … Continue reading

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