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Read the Criminal Complaints Against 4 Minneapolis Cops who Murdered George Floyd

We are pleased to republish the criminal complaints lodged against the 4 Minneapolis, Minnesota cops who were videotaped murdering George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020. The charges here listed against Officer Derek Chauvin were amended on June 3, 2020 to increase the first charge from third-degree to second-degree murder. The Minneapolis, Minnesota Police … Continue reading

DOCUMENTS: Chicago’s “Civilian Office of Police Accountability” (COPA) File on their Investigation into Torture Allegations Against Chicago Police Department

These documents were selected from the 465-page submission from “Chicago-One News” available at Document 1:  Handwritten statement of person who witnessed attacks by several Chicago Police Department detectives on another person in custody and who alleged he was later physically attacked by Chicago Police Department detectives including “John Byrne”; describes how State’s Attorneys worked … Continue reading

DOCUMENT: Laquan McDonald Murder – Cook County Medical Examiner’s “Report of Postmortem Examination”

FULL VERSION_Cook-County-medical-examiner-s-report-on-Laquan #16ShotsAndACoverup  #LaquanMcDonald

Read the FBI’s “Occupy Wall St.” Files – Democrats Unleashed Political Police on Law-Abiding Protestors – Again!

It’s hard to believe but there are still people out there – tens of millions, in fact! – who, despite all the massive evidence to the contrary, think that the capitalist class’ Democratic Party headed by Torturer-in-Chief Barack Obama is “the lesser of two evils” when compared with the Republicans.  In fact, the only difference … Continue reading

Report from 14 November Class-action Lawsuit Hearing on Behalf of Chicago Police Torture Victims

We reprint with permission the text of a post-hearing press conference between Attorney Joey Mogul of the People’s Law Office of Chicago, IL and supporters of victims of the Chicago Police Department’s infamous torture squads led by former Chicago Police Commander (now jailbird) Jon Burge. The People’s Law Office, acting on behalf of approximately 100 … Continue reading

Free All Victims of Chicago Police Torture – Class Action Lawsuit Hearing Wednesday, Nov. 14

One of our supporters has forwarded the following e-leaflet to us for immediate republication.  We urge every available politically conscious person in Chicago to attend this hearing!  See you there! – FoWL Chicago ***************** Support the 100 still-incarcerated victims of Jon Burge and Burge’s detectives Hearing set on class action suit – Pack the Court … Continue reading

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