War Against Afghanistan

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Tor Project Salesmen Appelbaum and Gibson Continue to Flog Useless Tor “Anonymity Software” Around the World. Why?

On 28 December 2014, the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel released a huge tranche of documents from the Snowden archives to the public.  Some of these had been released by the Guardian, the New York Times and the website ProPublica earlier but in redacted or incomplete forms. The Der Spiegel article accompanying the release – “Prying … Continue reading

Transcripts of Declassified US Radio Propaganda Broadcasts from War Against Afghanistan

It’s been quite a day here at FoWL – Chicago!  We’ve been rummaging around the garbage bins at the US military’s FOIA website and have pulled a few interesting nuggets from the dumpster before they get tossed into the vast Memory Hole that is the short attention span of the average US wage-slave. Here, we … Continue reading

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