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WikiLeaks Releases Latest Cache on US Military’s Guantanamo Bay Torture Camp: The Detainee Files

[We reprint below the press release published by announcing their latest cache of previously secret files on the crimes of US imperialism.  Enjoy! – FoWL Chicago] Press Release: The Detainee Policies 05:00am New York Time (EDT), (10:00am London time (BST)) Thursday, 25th October 2012 Starting today, Thursday, 25th October 2012, WikiLeaks begins releasing the … Continue reading

WikiLeaks’ Stratfor “US Election-related” emails Underwhelm with In-Depth “Craptoalysis”

[Holy cow, how are we gonna follow that post?  And he’s such a shy boy in person, really!  You would never KNOW!] WikiLeaks made a big splash last week – and when we say “big splash”, we mean the kind that happens when you urinate upwind of yourself in a hurricane – when they released … Continue reading

Pissed off about the WikiLeaks Paywall? Blame yourselves.

This past week or two, if you tried to access the WikiLeaks main website, you probably encountered a red javascript-based paywall that solicited a donation to the cause – or you couldn’t get in to the site. This happened to us a couple of times as we were in the process of setting up … Continue reading

WikiLeaks Begins Releasing 200,000 Stratfor Files on US Elections!

Well, boys and girls, it looks like the US elections finally became interesting!  After weeks of blathering nonsense and insulting behavior toward the working class by both of the anointed candidates of the US capitalist class, the US election is about to heat up a bit, thanks to WikiLeaks. Today, the official WikiLeaks website announced … Continue reading

The Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago IL is Live and On the Air

Hello Chicago!  Welcome to the Friends of WikiLeaks blog – your one-stop shop for all things WikiLeaks!  Thrilling, isn’t it? We are calling on all supporters of WikiLeaks in the Chicagoland area to contact us and get a major support organization together to work on a WikiLeaks defense campaign right here in Chicago. Julian Assange … Continue reading

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