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UPDATED: Julian Assange of WikiLeaks to Appear live on CNN TONIGHT at 7PM Eastern (US Time)

[Update: The video of the Erin Burnett – Julian Assange interview is available here.  – FoWL Chicago] Julian Assange, one of the founders of WikiLeaks, will appear tonight at 7PM Eastern time (US) on the Erin Burnett – Out Front program.  The format will be a live television interview conducted with Assange, who is currently … Continue reading

Capitalist Press Excoriates WikiLeaks, Assange – While Making Millions off WikiLeaks’ Revelations

Socialists understand that the news media in a capitalist society like the United States, though it pretends to aspire to the unattainable and undesirable goal of utopian, complete “objectivity”, is, in fact, the all-encompassing voice of the economic class that dominates in every capitalist society – the capitalist class, or the corporate elites that rule … Continue reading

Join “Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago”!

We present our new leaflet which we have begun to distribute throughout the Chicagoland area as of today, November 27, 2012.  If you’d like to get involved in our campaign to expose the crimes of the US government and its war on whistleblowers, contact us at **************** JOIN FRIENDS OF WIKILEAKS – CHICAGO! Help … Continue reading

Report from 14 November Class-action Lawsuit Hearing on Behalf of Chicago Police Torture Victims

We reprint with permission the text of a post-hearing press conference between Attorney Joey Mogul of the People’s Law Office of Chicago, IL and supporters of victims of the Chicago Police Department’s infamous torture squads led by former Chicago Police Commander (now jailbird) Jon Burge. The People’s Law Office, acting on behalf of approximately 100 … Continue reading

Free All Victims of Chicago Police Torture – Class Action Lawsuit Hearing Wednesday, Nov. 14

One of our supporters has forwarded the following e-leaflet to us for immediate republication.  We urge every available politically conscious person in Chicago to attend this hearing!  See you there! – FoWL Chicago ***************** Support the 100 still-incarcerated victims of Jon Burge and Burge’s detectives Hearing set on class action suit – Pack the Court … Continue reading

Did you sign up for Friends of WikiLeaks on the WL Website? THEN LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT!

We have been experiencing an astounding phenomenon on the Friends of WikiLeaks website: ostensible prospective FoWLers who set up FoWL accounts through the official FoWL website, but then never bother to sign in to their accounts, thereby activating them, and making it possible for us to contact these new members! Either there has been a … Continue reading

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