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WikiLeaks Party of Australia Senate Candidate, National Council Members Resign Over “Preferencing” Scandal

In a highly predictable response to the WikiLeaks Party of Australia’s (WLPA) “inadvertent” preferencing of at least one fascist party over several revolutionary workers parties, Leslie Cannold – who was Julian Assange’s running mate in the Victoria Senate elections – has resigned from WLPA.  Leaving with her were six National Council members angered at what … Continue reading

Open Letter to WikiLeaks Party of Australia Regarding 2013 Australian Elections “Preferencing” and Support of Ron & Rand Paul

[UPDATE, 20 August, 2013 4:30PM Chicago, IL time: We have received no response to our email published below from the WikiLeaks Party of Australia as of this hour. – FoWL Chicago] [Note: The email we publish below was sent by us to the WikiLeaks Party of Australia (WLPA) earlier today, 19 August, 2013. It has … Continue reading

UPDATED: Full Version of the WikiLeaks Party of Australia Political Program

[NOTE: The WikiLeaks Party has published an expanded version of the party platform we published here.  You can download a .pdf of their latest version of it here: 2013/08/WLP_platform.pdf You’re welcome!  As this seems to be an ongoing project for them, we will try to provide updates as they are released by WLP Australia.  – … Continue reading

WikiLeaks Statement on Russia Granting Edward Snowden Temporary Asylum

[Note: we publish here a full copy of the WikiLeaks statement released today (1 August 2013) in regard to the temporary asylum status granted to heroic National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden. Though this is, indeed welcome news, we at FoWL Chicago recognize that the brutal and cynical government of Vladimir Putin is no friend … Continue reading

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