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US Government: Interfering in European Elections Since At Least the End of World War Two

During the 2016 US Presidential Election, the candidates of the twin parties owned and operated by the US capitalist class – the Republicans and the Democrats – began a campaign of lies and disinformation about what they charged was intolerable Russian intervention in the US electoral process.  The Russians, they alleged, were responsible for the … Continue reading

Email to Honduran Government in protest of Murder of Berta Caceres, Detention of Gustavo Soto

Assassination of Berta Caceres and threats to life of Gustavo Soto   To Date Today 02:42 Message Body 15 March 2016 Sr. Presidente: It has come to the attention of Friends of WikiLeaks Chicago that elements of your government have likely been involved in the murder of Honduran environmental activist Berta Caceres.  Ms. Caceres had been a … Continue reading

UPDATED: 1989 “Report of US Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics and International Relations” a.k.a. “The Kerry Report” – Volumes One, Two and Three

[Note: we have updated the introductions to this entire article to encopass the addition of the other two volumes of the “Kerry Report”.  We would like to acknowledge our debt to the folks at who originally produced these copies of these documents and published them on the Internet years ago.  We are republishing them … Continue reading

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