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Australia’s SAS Afghanistan War Crimes Admitted in Heavily Censored Brereton Report

The long-awaited release of the Brereton Report on war crimes committed by elite special forces of Australia’s “Special Air Service (SAS) is finally here.  You can now get your copy direct from us so you don’t have to download it from the Australian military website: Brereton Report – Heavily-Censored IGADF-Afghanistan-Inquiry-Public-Release-Version – 12.4MB .pdf

The stories of atrocities having been committed by Australia’s “elite” special forces troops in Afghanistan have been trickling out for years in the form of interviews and videos.  Enraged by the leaks of war crimes committed by their most highly-respected and decorated professional killers, in 2019 the Australian capitalist state sent an Australian Federal Police (AFP) team to raid the headquarters of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation  (ABC) armed with search and arrest warrants for the computers, notes and persons of Samuel Clarke and Daniel Oakes – two journalists who were working on the story – as well as their editor Gaven Morris.  This journalist team was accused under the police-state “Crimes Act 1914” of “publishing classified material” for producing a series of reports on the Australian military’s war crimes entitled  “The Afghan Files”.

     One of the stories in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s “The Afghan Files” series.         Source: abc.net.au

Even more outrageously, a whistleblower who helped bring these monstrous crimes to light – former Australian Army lawyer Major David McBride – now faces life in prison for courageously bringing his insider’s knowledge of the atrocities to the attention of the ABC news reporters.

Does this all sound familiar?  It should ring bells here in the USA because both the Obama and Trump administrations have used very similar WWI-era laws to attack whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning and WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange for exposing US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.  For heroically standing up against US war crimes Manning was tortured while imprisoned by the US military and was reimprisoned for refusing to testify before a Grand Jury against WikiLeaks; Julian Assange was set up for bogus sex crimes charges, illegally incarcerated in an embassy for years, his rights as a political asylee wantonly trampled upon and is now languishing in high-security Belmarsh Prison in England, designed to house terrorist suspects.  He is fighting extradition to the US on false charges of espionage against the US government that could bring a prison sentence of 175 years!  This is how the US and its “democratic” “freedom-loving” allies treat those who dare to expose their crimes!

In both the US and Australia – and throughout the capitalist world – it has long been the practice that those who commit war crimes get medals and become national heroes while those who expose war crimes are attacked by the government and face decades in prison.  The governments claim that the reason for their attacks on whistleblowers have to do with protecting “national security”; but the fact is that the real reason why they attack whistleblowers is that they don’t want you, the workers, to know anything about the horrendous crimes and their military are committing 24/7/365.  “Mere” citizens, in their view, can’t be trusted with the truth – so it must be kept hidden from us.  The Brereton Report, which is being touted as a golden example of government oversight and transparency is in fact almost completely censored and is an attempt at downplaying the extent of the war crimes that have been committed as well as a total exoneration of the entire upper echelons of the military command structure.  According to this report, no one above the rank of sergeant is directly responsible for the atrocities!  We’re supposed to believe that these crimes were being committed on a regular basis for year after year after year – and NONE of the commanders knew anything about it!  It’s going to take even more courageous whistleblowers to step forward and tell the truth, because the Australian capitalist class and their military will NEVER be capable of doing it themselves!

Australian military style “transparency”: whole volumes of the Brereton Report detailing SAS war crimes in Afghanistan are completely censored.

This is why we need to get rid of this murderous money-grubbing capitalist system once and for all through workers socialist revolution.  Until we, the working class, take power away from the capitalist greedheads and into our own hands permanently, these predatory wars will continue to be waged and our sons and daughters will be recruited into the military and be trained and encouraged to commit more war crimes – and will face life in prison if they dare to tell the truth about how the US capitalist class wages its wars.  The capitalist system – a system under which a tiny minority of filthy rich people rob the vast majority of the people blind in the name of “freedom” and “democracy” – can not tolerate people who seek to expose the mountains of lies that are absolutely necessary to keep this fundamentally corrupt system in existence and its thieving, bloodthirsty capitalist class micro-minority in power.

If you have information about war crimes in Afghanistan – or anywhere else – that you want to expose you can send your info securely to WikiLeaks at https://wikileaks.org/#submit

Drop all the charges against David McBride!  Free Julian Assange! Telling the truth is not a crime!  Down with censorship: release the full and uncensored version of the Brereton Report!

— FoWL Chicago

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