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Friends of WikiLeaks Chicago Monitoring Pro-Fascist Posts of Julian Assange

Julian Assange crosses the political Rubicon between the working class and its fascist enemies.

We would like to inform our readers that we are aware of the recent pro-fascist Twitter postings of @JulianAssange and that we have attempted to contact him in the past few hours directly via communication methods that have worked in the very recent past. We have, for years now, privately warned Julian Assange of the dangers inherent in his courting of US politicians of the likes of Ron Paul Sr. and his son. But Assange has ignored our warnings.

Years ago we exposed the right-wing supporters and tendencies of the WikiLeaks Party of Australia. See our articles on this subject: https://fowlchicago.wordpress.com/2013/08/19/open-letter-to-wikileaks-party-of-australia-regarding-2013-australian-elections-and-support-of-ron-rand-paul/; https://fowlchicago.wordpress.com/2013/09/09/good-news-from-down-under-fascist-friendly-wikileaks-party-of-australia-fails-to-gain-support-of-aussie-working-class/
When we did this we were marginalized by the mainstream WikiLeaks organizations. But, from time to time we were able to establish a tenuous contact with Julian Assange, during which time we offered him political advice and warned him of the dangers inherent in his pursuit of the support of US politicians such as Ron Paul – a notorious woman-hating “pro-life” bigot. But Assange ignored our warnings and pursued his political allegiance with Ron Paul and the fascist scum on the periphery of the Ron Paul bandwagon.

Today’s posts by Assange, coming in the wake of the fascist outrages in Charlottesville, and the idiotic defense of the fascists by US President Donald Trump – whose presidency Assange has stupidly trumpeted as a victory for the opponents of US Government repression – show clearly that Julian Assange is an enemy of the working class.  He seeks to defend the racist propaganda of scumbags like “American Renaissance” which claims that black people are intellectually inferior to “white” people.

We have endeavored to defend Julian Assange and WikiLeaks from the time of the inception of WikiLeaks  and have tried to separate our own revolutionary Trotskyist politics from the petit-bourgeois politics of WikiLeaks.  Trotskyists do not have to be in 100% political agreement with the victims of the capitalist classes of the world in order to defend them.  We have defended both Julian Assange and WikiLeaks in spite of our profound political differences, recognizing that WikiLeaks was doing a tremendous service for the international working class by exposing the complete fraud and corruption of the US capitalist state’s “diplomacy” around the world.  But when WikiLeaks starts to defend the dissemination of racist propaganda designed to spread the lie that people of color – who make up the vast majority of the human race and who are the sisters and brothers of the so-called “white” workers – we are obligated as anti-racist workers dedicated to the ideal that all workers all over the world are sisters and brothers to expose and denounce the statements of our wayward brother Julian Assange.

We have sent several appeals to Julian Assange to elicit his explanation for his statements of today.  If and when we receive his replies we will publish them in another article on this website.

Workers of the World Unite!  Smash Fascism in the Egg Through Armed Union-Based Workers Militias!

— FoWL Chicago


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