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1994 US House of Representatives Report on Radiation Research in the VA Involving Human Subjects

DOCUMENT: 1994_Radiation Research in the VA Involving Human Subjects_Serial No 103-37 (198 pages, .pdf 9.6 MB)

Today we haul yet another dark chapter of the history of “The Greatest Democracy In The World(TM)”, the United States, out of the memory hole and bring it back to public scrutiny; this time in an easily accessible, downloadable and shareable digital form.

This document is but a tiny glimpse of the long-running radiation experiments the US Department of Defense and related US Government agencies carried out, during successive Democratic and Republican administrations, on willing and unwilling US servicemen from WWII until at least the mid-1970s.  The experiments that were carried out on US soldiers after 1947 who were unaware that they were being used as guinea pigs were in direct violation of the August, 1947 Nuremburg Code relating to “permissible human experiments” that were introduced by two American doctors during the 1947 Doctors Trial of Nazi doctors accused of war crimes.  This trial, which was given world-wide publicity, was used as a propaganda campaign by the US Government to demonstrate the moral superiority of the “Western democracies” over “totalitarian regimes” – a category in which the German and Japanese fascist regimes were lumped together with their enemies and victims, most notably the nations of the allied Stalinist socialist states that comprised the Soviet Union.

What the world did not know, and what US “Deep State” “national security” laws prevented the world from knowing for decades, was that at the very same time that the United States Government was brandishing their own newly-promulgated legal guidelines against the conducting of medical and other experiments on unwitting human subjects, they were fully engaged in ongoing mass experimentation on unwitting human subjects both inside the USA and in several foreign countries!  The United States’ loudly-proclaimed “moral superiority” over the “communist world” – a global propaganda campaign which continues to this very day – has been a complete fraud from Day One – and it continues to be a complete fraud.

This very brief report merely scratches the surface of the vast, long-running radiation and many other “medical” experiments that were carried out by the US government on its own soldiers and civilians.  The US Department of Veterans Affairs hospital system – supposed to exist solely to provide medical and mental health services for the many US soldier-victims of imperialist wars started by the capitalist world, was instead turned into a means by which tens of thousands of US servicemen were used as human guinea pigs for decades for testing of radioactive materials, hallucinogenic drugs, and a host of other medications and toxins – rarely truly wittingly, most usually unwittingly. 

In his opening statement to the hearing included in this pamphlet, Rep. Lane Evans captured the disgusting reality of just how much the US capitalist class, their military leaders and their government really cares about US military personnel, past or present:

“I can’t help but feel that Federal agencies, particularly the Department of Defense, have felt that they could do whatever they wanted to our armed forces personnel. During the past 50 years, troops have been subjected to the number of agents, such as ionizing radiation, mustard gas, Agent Orange, and LSD, without being made aware of the potential risks. While these men and women are willing to fight for our Nation and possibly be injured and killed in battle, I doubt that any of them ever believed that some of the greatest dangers that they might face would be coming from our own Federal Government.”

Not surprisingly, no one – not a single US Government official responsible for carrying out these Nazi-like experiments on US armed services personnel – has ever been prosecuted for these crimes.  Only after we in the US working class super-majority finally organize ourselves into a revolutionary Trotskyist party that overthrows the disgusting, money-lusting, war-mongering, racist, murderous US capitalist class micro-minority will these criminals ever be brought to justice, and these kinds of monstrous practices be finally, permanently, relegated to the dustbin of our barbaric capitalist historical past.

—- Independent Workers Party of Chicago/ Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago

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