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UPDATED – BREAKING NEWS: WikiLeaks Publishes Jan 2015 Draft of “Investment Chapter” of Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

[UPDATE (30 March 2015): We’ve added our own set of .pdf files for all the TPP docs released so far by WikiLeaks; you’ll find them at the bottom of this article – FoWL – Chicago]

BREAKING (25 March 2015): Tonight WikiLeaks has published a secret draft version of the “Investment Chapter” of the notorious Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement treaty.  The document is a draft version and is dated 20 January 2015.

Entitled “Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty: Advanced Investment Chapter working document for all 12 nations (January 20, 2015 draft)”, the 55-page document is marked on every page with the rather odd classification “This Document Contains TPP CONFIDENTIAL Information MODIFIED HANDLING AUTHORIZED*”.

We have just begun to look at this new document, so we’ll just pass along the link to the WikiLeaks announcement of its publication which you can find here:

WikiLeaks Press Release: “Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) – Investment Chapter”

At the bottom of the press release you will find the link to the 56-page .pdf document.

[UPDATE: 30 March 2015:]

WikiLeaks-TPP-Investment-Chapter  (Document dated 20 January 2015; Released 25 March 2015)

Previous WikiLeaks TPP releases:

Wikileaks-secret-TPP-treaty-IP-chapter  (Document dated 30 August 2013;Released 13 November 2013)

tpp-ip2-chapter  (Document dated 16 May 2014; Released 16 October 2014)

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