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DOCUMENTS: Chicago’s “Civilian Office of Police Accountability” (COPA) File on their Investigation into Torture Allegations Against Chicago Police Department

These documents were selected from the 465-page submission from “Chicago-One News” available at


Document 1:  Handwritten statement of person who witnessed attacks by several Chicago Police Department detectives on another person in custody and who alleged he was later physically attacked by Chicago Police Department detectives including “John Byrne”; describes how State’s Attorneys worked closely with cops and were physically present in real time while the prisoners were being beaten into confessing to crimes they had not committed.

COPA_Complaint_1_pp8-15 of 465

Document 2:  Typed statement of person taken into custody of Chicago Police in February 1992 and allegedly subjected to various forms of torture by police detectives Kenneth Boudreau and William Foley in order to obtain a murder confession.


Document 3: Handwritten statement of person taken into custody by Chicago Police Department and allegedly subjected to a 39-hour continuous interrogation and torture at the hands of CPD officers John Halloran, Kenneth Boudreau, James O’Brien and William Foley, which allegedly took place at the police station at 5101 S. Wentworth Ave. in Chicago.


Document 4: Typed complaint produced by Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority from handwritten statement of person alleging he was tortured and abused and his Constitutional rights violated during 3 days of interrogation by Chicago Police Department officers. Complaint also alleges that Assistant State’s Attorney “Rosenbloom” repeatedly entered interrogation room immediately before and after torture took place when victim had refused to “cooperate” in providing the police with a false confession.


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