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The 2015 Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada on Indigenous Schools Programme

As the news has just broken that the bodies of 215 Native Canadian children appear to have been discovered buried near the long-closed Kamloops (British Colombia) Indian Residential School, we felt that it would be a good idea to provide researchers into the historical background of the genocide of Native American peoples carried out by the Canadian Government with the entirety of the 2015 Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada on their Indigenous Schools Programme.

Residential school group photograph, Regina, Saskatchewan, 1908

The very idea that the types of crimes that have been committed against the indigenous peoples of the world can be “reconciled” and “forgiven” by the mere setting up of “Truth and Reconciliation Committees” is utterly absurd. The current capitalist classes of Canada and the USA have been living off the wealth created by stealing the land of indigenous peoples and then slaughtering them without mercy and driving them from reservation to reservation from the 1600s to this very day!  That they think they can merely set up such commissions and thereby sweep the world-historic crimes of their ancestors under the rug forever just shows how completely depraved and utterly irredeemable they are. There will never be a “reconciliation” between the victims of these crimes and the heirs of the fortunes stolen by those who originally committed the crimes. Only the total overthrow of the heirs of the capitalist class that committed the crimes and the transfer of their wealth to the indigenous communities will even begin to repair the damage done. That will take nothing less than a workers socialist revolution to accomplish.

St. Paul’s Middlechurch Manitoba

News articles say that this 2015 report claimed that “only” 50 indigenous Canadian children (as young as 3) – torn from their families to be forcibly “assimilated” into Canadian society through a boarding school programme run by the Catholic Church from 1890 to 1969 (and by the Canadian Government from 1969 to 1978) – had died at this particular school.  Recent studies using ground-penetrating radar have discovered what appears to be a mass grave of hundreds of previously undocumented burials at the site of the school.

Study period at Roman Catholic Indian Residential School, Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories

We join with our sisters and brothers of the Indigenous peoples of Canada who mourn this latest revelation of atrocities committed against the First Nations who were robbed of their lands, their culture, their language, their lives and their children from the first encounter with Europeans seeking their fortune in the “New World” right up through the 20th century. The capitalist classes of North and South America have always covered up the atrocities they have committed against indigenous peoples historically; and they continue to commit genocide against indigenous peoples from the Arctic to the southern tip of South America in their mad lust for profits uber alles.  Only after the working classes of North and South America finally overthrow the money-lusting capitalist classes and their capitalist system and replace them with egalitarian socialist workers republics can we even begin to honestly and sincerely work to put an end to the genocide of indigenous peoples of the world and to initiate the process of repairing the massive crimes against humanity committed against indigenous peoples by the capitalists.

These documents are undoubtedly full of lies; but what truth they contain is enough to enlighten workers all over the world to just one fraction of the monumental crimes that have been committed by the capitalists against the indigenous peoples of Canada.

We have re-ordered the documents to focus on the actual events instead of the tedious, self-serving volumes of phony apologias that are part of the guilt-ridden Canadian Government’s “final report”.  Of course, it is now abundantly clear, as we learn more about the secret burials of hundreds of children, that this will NOT be the “final report”. Instead, it is a record of the continuing lies and deliberate obfuscation of the truth about the century-plus of horrors that occurred at these schools.

The genocide of the indigenous peoples of Canada and throughout North and South America and throughout the capitalist world continues to this very day in Canada in the form of the unsolved disappearances of thousands of Indigenous Canadian women traveling between their communities over the past several decades.

—- IWPCHI and Friends of WikiLeaks Chicago



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Volume_1_History_Part_2_1939 to 2000

Volume_2_The Inuit_and_Northern_Experience

Volume_3_The Métis Experience

Volume_4_Missing_Children and Unmarked Burials

Volume_5_Canada’s Residential Schools: The Legacy

Volume_6_Canada’s Residential Schools: Reconciliation



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