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#TwitterCensorship hits @FoWLChi for the third time!

Fucking, fucking Twitter!  They claim we were “exhibiting automated behavior” on our Twitter account.  How the hell they came to that conclusion is beyond us.  The night we got shut down we were having live conversation with various people openly online.

Obviously they are pretending to be repairing the self-inflicted damage they caused for themselves by allowing hundreds of millions of fake Twitter accounts to exist so that they would appear to their investors to have way more customers than they actually have.  The legions of fake Twitter accounts have been exposed by the New York Times and “The Bureau of Investigative Journalism”:

Bureau of Investigative Journalism: “Astroturfing, Twitterbots, Amplification – Inside the Online Influence Industry”

Twitter’s legions of  bot networks were also found to have been involved in attempting to prop up the recently deposed corrupt African National Congress kleptocratic Jacob Zuma/Gupta conspiracy in South Africa:


So, as if this wasn’t bad enough for the “legitimacy” of Twitter’s largely fake “customer base” to begin with, now they are attacking their actual legitimate customers and locking us out of our accounts until we provide them with phone numbers to “prove” our legitimacy!  What a farce!  Hopefully it won’t be long before Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey gets hauled in front of a Grand Jury to explain the obviously massive fraud being perpetrated against Twitter’s advertisers and stockholders via the company’s wildly, wilfully inflated “customer base” numbers.

Twitter’s new policy requiring customers to provide phone numbers effectively blocks hundreds of millions of working class and poor people who do not have phones from even using Twitter at all; and for political activists like us who are in the cross-hairs of repressive governments it places us in serious danger if we do comply, since all a government has to do in order to obtain full access to our account information is to submit a court order to Twitter and they will cough up all the information they have.  Very nice!  Pretty soon we’ll be reading about how Twitter’s new verification program has led to the imprisonment,   torturing and execution of political activists all over the world… and let’s not even mention the damage that could be caused by anyone who hacks into Twitter’s database, or what a “rogue employee” could do to expose the identities of political activists they hate.  This is what happens when we allow capitalist greedheads to “protect our Constitutional rights”.

We’ve sent in a couple of complaints to Twitter’s opaque and Kafkaesque “customer service” windmill; they apologised for their mistakes before… hopefully they will do so again.  Meanwhile, we, like millions of others, are actively seeking a replacement for Twitter.  If you know of any good ones, let us know and we’ll post the info here.

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