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Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago Twitter Account Censored – Again!

Today, 31 May 2019 we had our Twitter account censored once again. This time it was ostensibly because we castigated a “nurse” who was illegally prescribing drugs to a person over Twitter! We kid you not! Here is the email we got from Twitter (we had to do multiple screenshots to capture it in its complete Orwellian magnificence):

This very rational calling-out of a so-called “Twitter Nurse” who was prescribing drugs – ILLEGALLY – to a person via Twitter on the night of May 30/31 “violated the Twitter Rules”. Shame on me!

We did send *one Tweet* to the “Twitter Nurse” that was quite vitriolic due to her dismissal of our criticism of her illegal practicing of medicine via Twitter when she apparently was not even a “Nurse Practitioner”, thereby potentially endangering the life of the “patient” in question:

“Targeted harassment” this was not! We sent this fake “nurse practitioner” a piece of our mind ONCE in response to her rude and insulting response to our initial very low-key call-out of her dangerous advice she had given to a person suffering from intense pain; a person whom she had never met nor examined and whose medical history she had no knowledge of; neither did she have any idea *or even ask* what meds this person was taking which could have had bad side effects in combination with the drugs she was advising this person to take – over Twitter! Talk about medical malpractice! But to the geniuses at Twitter, it’s OK for a nurse who is *not* a nurse practitioner to give medical advice on their heavily censored media platform; and those who criticize a phony “nurse practitioner” for ILLEGALLY dispensing online prescriptions to total strangers via Twitter? Well they get kicked off Twitter! This is how the #BourgeoisSocialMedia functions!

*Our* advice to the person on Twitter who claimed to be suffering from extreme pain from some unknown (to us) source was: don’t follow the “Twitter nurse’s” shitty advice about taking over-the-counter meds to dull the pain: GET YOUR ASS TO A HOSPITAL, NOW! Don’t worry about how you’ll pay for the treatment; JUST GO! Your life is more important than the hospital’s bottom line!

Of course, we did not even try to follow the fake “nurse practitioner”; nor did we harass her. We sent her ONE “go fuck yourself” Tweet and that was it. The later Tweet cited by Twitter was not even directed at her but at another person who was following the conversation, who happened to cc the fake “nurse practitioner” in their comments to us; so when we responded to that person, the fake “nurse practitioner” got cc’d. *This* in the *minds* of the censors at Twitter constitutes “targeted harassment”! Such is the level of freedom of speech on the social media platforms owned and operated by the US capitalist class.

Twitter told us that we’d be kicked off their network for 12 hours; but then they asked us for a phone number to “verify” the account. In this manner the US Govt quislings at Twitter seek to expose the identities of enemies of the US capitalist class and hand that information over to the US Govt. But we refuse to play their game.  Our comrades at the Independent Workers Party of Chicago (IWPCHI) have had their Twitter account shut down since March because they refuse to cough up a US Govt- traceable phone number to the censors at Twitter in order to have their account reinstated. IWPCHI’s account was censored because they had called a bunch of Democrats of various races “house niggers” for their shameless pandering to the interests of their masters in the US capitalist class. IWPCHI refused to cough up a traceable phone number and appealed the suspension; Twitter’s censors have been dragging their hooves now for almost 3 months and have done *nothing* to evaluate the merits of IWPCHI’s appeal.

Oh well: what more can we reasonably expect when it comes to the defense of the free speech rights of revolutionary socialist workers from social media platforms owned and operated by key members of the US capitalist class itself? “Fair play for the working class” has *never* been a part of the game plan of the capitalists; instead they seek the flimsiest pretext by which they can deny revolutionary socialist workers the right to have their criticisms of the capitalist class and its rotten, racist and misogynist economic system heard by their fellow workers.  We do not expect them to grant us the free speech rights they bend over backwards to protect in the case of their pet fascists. We know that they will do all they can to deny revolutionary socialist workers a platform to spread our ideas while they give innumerable opportunities for their fascist attack dogs to spread their filth throughout the #BourgeoisPress.

This demand by Twitter that workers must provide a valid phone number in order to use their platform is a naked attempt to censor the poor workers who cannot afford to purchase multiple cell phone service contracts just to exercise their free speech rights! For the wealthy capitalists, this requirement of Twitter’s is a piece of cake! They can afford to maintain THOUSANDS of Twitter accounts, each with its own “certified” cell phone number, so they can attack revolutionary socialist workers from behind these fake accounts. The economic burden to the worker-activists who seek to maintain their anonymity on Twitter so as to not be subject to blackmail and the loss of their jobs and their careers is out of the reach of wage laborers. THIS IS JUST HOW THE OWNERS OF TWITTER AND OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS DEFEND THE CAPITALIST STATUS QUO! Twitter’s demand for a telephone number  – a wholly frivolous request solely designed to expose the identities of the worker(s) behind the Twitter accounts that dare to criticize the  capitalist status quo – exposes their true role as guardians not of the right to free speech on the Internet but of the capitalist status quo.

Twitter told us our account would be reinstated automatically in 12 hours. We shall see. It seems to us to be no coincidence that this latest episode of Twitter censorship against us comes just as it has been revealed that Julian Assange’s health has reached a critical state at the UK’s Belmarsh dungeon.  We are not at all surprised to see Twitter going out of its way to silence the supporters of WikiLeaks at a critical moment when Julian Assange needs all the help he can get.

We have no intention of giving them our phone numbers just so they can turn that information over to the US Government; so if you don’t see us on Twitter in the next few days/weeks you’ll know what’s going on.  We’ll keep you updated here on this website.

#FreeJulianAssange #FreeChelseaManning! #DefendWikiLeaks! Telling the truth is not and can never be a crime!

Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago




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