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Movie Review – CITIZENFOUR: “Speaking Truth to Power” is not What Needs to Be Done (* out of 5)

[Note: this review is being simultaneously published by the Independent Workers Party of Chicago and the Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago on the respective websites of both groups.] CITIZENFOUR – a film by Laura Poitras We expected a lot from Laura Poitras’ new film CITIZENFOUR; we were massively disappointed.  With ex- CIA/NSA contract worker … Continue reading

US Department of Defense Releases List of All 300+ Hollywood Films DoD Helped Produce

Hello friends!  Ever wonder what it means when you see on the Big Screen a reference to the fact that the movie you just watched and had an emotional response to was produced “with the assistance of” the US Military? Just how extensive has the US military’s influence on Hollywood been over the years?  How … Continue reading

UPDATED: Read the Gag Order the Australian Government Doesn’t Want You to See

Who do these idiots in the Australian Government think they are?  Do they know what the Internet is?  Their vast stupidity is an endless source of lulz for us tonight especially. UPDATE: Unfortunately, the link below has been returning a 404 error; we should have foreseen this and posted the above links last night … Continue reading

Text of Edward Snowden’s “Alternative Christmas Message” Broadcast in the UK on 25 December 2013

We are very pleased to publish the “Alternative Christmas Message” of heroic NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden broadcast on the UK’s Channel 4 on Christmas Day 2013. Every year, apparently, the Queen of England gives a Christmas message to the nation; this year Edward Snowden was asked by Britain’s Channel 4 to deliver an “Alternative” message.  … Continue reading

Get your copy of the Lavabit Case Files Right Here!

We are pleased to offer our readers a complete copy of the full 162-page just-released set of case files on the National Security Agency [NSA]/Lavabit scandal. Lavabit, as our readers must be aware, was a small company in the United States, founded by Ladar Levison, which provided secure, encrypted email services to the public; their … Continue reading

Open Letter to WikiLeaks Party of Australia Regarding 2013 Australian Elections “Preferencing” and Support of Ron & Rand Paul

[UPDATE, 20 August, 2013 4:30PM Chicago, IL time: We have received no response to our email published below from the WikiLeaks Party of Australia as of this hour. – FoWL Chicago] [Note: The email we publish below was sent by us to the WikiLeaks Party of Australia (WLPA) earlier today, 19 August, 2013. It has … Continue reading

Update on Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago’s Membership Numbers

It seems like just yesterday we were complaining about the vast sea of apathy that exists in the working class intellectual wasteland that exists here in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA.  The utter lack of any serious working-class opposition to the continuing massive assaults on the trade union movement in Chicago continues unabated.  The unionized … Continue reading

Tor Project’s Lying 2012 Financial Report: “60% of Our Funding Comes from the U.S. Government”

The Tor Project has recently released its 2012 Financial Report; the good news is that when it comes to “openness and transparency”, they are second to none.  The bad news, however, is really bad: they proudly embrace their “partnership” with the U.S. Government, and falsely assert that in 2012 fully 60% of their funding came … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: WikiLeaks Party of Australia: Fans of Margaret Thatcher?

The new WikiLeaks Party of Australia just launched a couple of weeks ago, and we were wondering what this would mean for WikiLeaks politically.  Because running for high political office causes the “powers that be” in a capitalist society to question your allegiance to many things, first and formost, your allegiance to the capitalist class … Continue reading

Activists Beware: Avoid Making Libellous Statements Based on Info from PLUSD Cables

We’re all having fun rummaging through the US Government’s dirty linen revealed by WikiLeaks this week via the new “Public Library of U.S. Diplomacy” website.  There’s a lot of excellent research material in there, no doubt.  But it comes with a catch: a lot of that information may lead inexperienced activists to make rash and … Continue reading


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