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Twitter Trolls Trigger Censorship of Friends of WikiLeaks Account

Twitter censors FoWL – Chicago’s frank discussion of human sexuality with anti-sex moralists – 27 July 2017


Ah the joys of life on the Internets here in the “Land Of The Free(TM)”!

You may have noticed that our Twitter account is sitting dead in the water since last night (27 July 2017).  That is because it has been locked by Twitter, apparently at the behest of a bunch of Twitter creeps we were arguing with who are trying to launch lynch mobs against anyone whom they deem to be a “pedophile”.  Unable to rationally discuss the realities of teen sex and the blatant human rights violations that occur when normal human sexuality is outlawed, these thick-headed anti-sex moralists gleefully utilize Twitter’s idiotic flagging system for “offensive posts” to silence anyone whose opinions they don’t like.

Their latest target is popular actress Demi Moore who apparently was filmed french-kissing a 14-year old boy when she was in her late teens.  Big deal!  These chicken-headed wonders are trying to portray that marvelous act of sweetness and generosity on the part of Moore as some kind of child molestation!  Poor kid!  We bet he still has *nightmares* about that horrible night when he found himself suddenly making out with a beautiful young woman for a few mind-blowing minutes!

We’ve been reading their vicious attacks on Moore for the better part of the past month and last night we had enough of it and let them have it with both barrels.  They were predictably “shocked” to find that there was even one person on the planet who did not see Moore’s act as anything but an innocent act of kindness.  We don’t see anything wrong with intergenerational sex so long as it is consensual; as students of history we know that sex between adults and teens has been going on literally forever throughout human history and that any attempt to criminalize this normal sexual behavior is, in our minds, a tremendous assault on basic human rights.

So, in the cracked world of Twitter, these dingbat moralists get to censor the speech of all who disagree with them.  They flag your “offensive” posts and Twitter’s automated censorship system does the rest.

This is not the first time Twitter’s automated censorship apparatus has been used to launch an attack on us; just a week ago we had our account “temporarily limited” – for 12 hours! – due to “potentially abusive activity”:

Earlier censorship of FoWL Chicago account by Twitter for unspecified computer-determined “potentially abusive behavior” (21 July 2017)

This “shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later” policy of Twitter leaves a lot to be desired.  If they don’t want to spend the money to have actual human beings determine if a problem actually exists before they shut down someone’s account for half a day – or much longer – then they should get out of the communications business.  During the U.S. Presidential election campaign it appeared that pro-Clinton trolls were flagging and shutting down Bernie Sanders supporters left and right – seriously preventing political debate from taking place on the very eve of the election.   Seeing that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and other execs at the $2.5 billion-dollar company donated to the Clinton campaign, it is perhaps not surprising that the anti-Clinton side suffered the most account suspensions.  Jeanette Jing – a pro-Bernie Sanders campaigner, had amassed a huge following when her account was shut down in the run-up to the election; and she reportedly lost thousands of followers when she had it restored weeks later.  Twitter also censored  the account of “DNCLeaks” and “WhichHillary” during the campaign.  Guys like Dorsey – worth a reported $2.1 billion – can always be counted upon to place their own financial and political interests above trifles like “freedom of speech”.  His billions of dollars do his talking for him.

Twitter’s automated censorship system seems not to care who it takes down: amusingly, Dorsey had his own account suspended briefly late last year – and when his account was restored, the number of his “followers” was initially reduced from over 3.5 million to just 200.  Of course he didn’t have to wait for days or weeks to have his account back up and running in an hour.  Those kinds of inconveniences are for the “little people”.

Twitter claims it does not censor; but the strange coincidence that a pro-Democratic Party corporation shut down almost exclusively anti-Clinton Twitter accounts during the election tells a different story.  They have also been accused of censoring the hashtags #wikileaks and #occupywallstreet and have refused to award Julian Assange’s Twitter account the “blue tick” of authenticity usually granted to international celebrities like himself to distinguish their accounts from the many fake and satirical copycat accounts that exist on the service.

Trump Twitter account displaying the “blue tick of authenticity” next to his name.

Julian Assange – internationally famous publisher of WikiLeaks – denied Twitter’s “blue tick of authenticity” – a subtle insult conforming to Twitter’s pro-Democrat, pro-US Government bias.

Losing access to our Twitter account is really nothing more than a minor headache to us, although our Tweets do reach thousands of people a week.  We use it mainly to keep up with what’s going on with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange and use our account to modestly amplify their Twitter messages.  We’ll probably head over to Facebook (which we absolutely despise as an abominable US Govt.-controlled data-mining operation) if we have anything we need to say in 140 characters or so.  And we’ll publish more info here as well.  We’re sending in complaints to Twitter’s fully automated “help” system – there is no telephone number to call – and we’ll see how long it takes for them to restore the account.

Right now their trick has been to try to get us to send them a telephone number they can use to send us an SMS message that will purportedly include a code to unlock the account:

Twitter now demands that FoWL-Chicago hand over a telephone number so they can “verify our account”.  Seeing that we never registered a phone number with them in the first place, this is simply a ruse to obtain a phone number from us – which ain’t gonna happen.

That ain’t gonna happen.  We never needed to submit a phone number before and we aren’t going to do it now, either, so we’ll see what happens – and we’ll let you know.

—- FoWL – Chicago



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