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Lauri Love case: Text of 16 September 2016 Ruling by Judge Tempia in USA v. Love

We present for our readers the actual ruling in the Lauri Love case handed down by Judge Tempia on 16 September 2016.  We obtained it via the Courage Foundation’s “Free Lauri” website.

The Courage Foundation is hosting the international campaign to free Lauri Love and is raising money for the very expensive legal defense case he is waging against the US Government (USG) which is demanding his extradition to face persecution for embarrassing the USG by allegedly hacking into various USG websites.  We say that no worker anywhere in the world should be expected to obey the laws of any nation other than his or her own unless that worker is physically present in that foreign nation-state.  Citizens should not and can not be expected to obey the laws of every nation-state on the planet.  The US has no more right to expect its laws to be observed by citizens in the UK than US citizens can be expected to obey the laws of China, the UK or any other country that they were not visiting at the time in which the alleged “crimes” were committed.  If the USG wishes to prosecute a UK citizen for a crime that was not committed on US soil, they must conduct the prosecution in the home country where the accused is a citizen under the laws of that country and in that country.  Only then can an accused person have all the means at her or his disposal to effectively defend themselves against the accusations brought against them; only in the accused home country can they enjoy the inestimable benefit, where it is available, of the case being adjudicated by a jury of her or his peers.  The extradition of Lauri Love must be fought by every worker in the world who understands the vital importance of these fundamental rights of accused persons to be given as fair and impartial a trial as is possible for a worker to obtain under the crooked capitalist judicial system.  The US capitalist class refuses to adhere to international law or to allow its mercenary agents and military war criminals to be brought up on charges before international tribunals for war crimes, murders and torture of its perceived “enemies”, yet they think they have the right to rule the world.  The US capitalist class sends its police state agents all over the globe, trampling on national sovereignty and violating the rights of citizens.  Workers all over the world must fight against this outrageous and ominous extension of the police powers of the world’s #1 terrorist nation: the United States of America.

We encourage our readers to give generously to the campaign to free Lauri Love.


Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago

Judge Tempia’s ruling:

usa-v-love-judgment_32 pages pdf


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