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#PanamaPapers: How “Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago” Saw Through ICIJ’s US Government Propaganda Operation

Please excuse us for being a bit proud of the fact that we (almost) alone saw through the bullshit of the “Panama Papers””leak” from the moment we heard about it.  We got a lot of shit for our immediate denouncing of this alleged “leak”.  The fact that we turned out to be almost the only people on the planet who saw through this pro-US propaganda op is entirely due to our Marxist/Trotskyist education, which all manner of pro-capitalist reformists never tire of ridiculing.  Those of you who ridicule the Trotskyists would do well to evaluate the huge discrepancy between our initial immediately negative evaluation of the “Panama Papers” leak and your own pathetic credulity.

From the moment when we logged on to the Internet the night that the Panama Papers were released we knew that there was something weird about these so-called “revelations”.

First of all we asked: who is “releasing” this information?  When we saw that it was the Suddeutsche Zeitung of Germany we knew immediately that there was something wrong.  What intelligent person who wanted to reveal the truth about ANYTHING would reveal that truth to a corrupt bourgeois press mouthpiece like the Suddeutche Zeitung? LOL! It was absurd on its face!

But we were immediately astonished to see that WikiLeaks was taking this bait hook line and sinker!  They were promoting the leak sans critique. We immediately warned our readers that whenever the bourgeois press tries to focus the world’s attention on a single issue we should all turn our bullshit detectors to 11.

Immediately we did the most basic “due diligence” and began to investigate the organizations responsible for the leak.  It was obvious right from the start that these organizations had deliberately cut WikiLeaks completely out of the wide circle of organizations handling this massive “leak” of over 2TB of data.  Why did they keep this huge leak of supposedly groundbreaking information away from WikiLeaks?

Within five minutes of having heard of this Panama Papers leak we immediately began investigating the organizations who were coordinating the “investigation” of these documents.  The main coordinator of the “leak” turned out to be an outfit called the “International Consortium of Investigative Journalists” or ICIJ.  Their name alone was a laugh! Who would create such an organization?  Who would fund it?

So we looked into it in the next 5 minutes – while the whole world – including WikiLeaks – were taking the ICIJ’s bait hook line and sinker.

So how did we go beyond the headlines? We did what any high-school-level journalist would do: we went to the ICIJ’s website and searched for the biographies of their corporate executives and for their funders.  And while the whole world’s journalists including WikiLeaks were taking the ICIJ’s bait we immediately discovered the bogus basis of the ICIJ and tracked down their funding organization’s deep connections to the US Government’s most disgusting and criminal “intelligence operations”.

Any half-wit can do what we did.  First we looked up the ICIJ’s website:

ICIJ website

Most stupid-ass pro-capitalist “journalists” would stop right here and start sucking up the bullshit on the ICIJ’s website.  But we are Trotskyists who have been educated to understand – unlike our friends at WikiLeaks – that nothing that the bourgeois press says can be taken as the truth or even a rough approximation of the truth.  We have discovered the fact that the US capitalist class is creating fake NGOs pretending to be all kinds of wonderful organizations fighting everything from whale-killing to rape.  All these organizations are bogus and are being created so that the ruling capitalist class can control all manifestations of worker dissent. This leak fit right into this framework.

Whenever we encounter a new organization that purports to be fighting to defend the rights of the workers we search for its funding mechanism to see what it really is.  Nine times out of ten this simple search reveals that the purportedly pro-worker, pro-transparency organization is in fact funded by US corporations and families fundamentally opposed to any idea of transparency and openness.  The ICIJ was no exception to this rule.  We dug through their website to find out who their financial supporters were.  We found this: About the ICIJ

This document was our first discovered evidence of the ICIJ’s bullshit. This pro-capitalist, pro-US Govt org disclosed its true nature on this web page:

“Why we exist

“The need for such an organization has never been greater. Globalization and development have placed extraordinary pressures on human societies, posing unprecedented threats from polluting industries, transnational crime networks, rogue states, and the actions of powerful figures in business and government.

“The news media, hobbled by short attention spans and lack of resources, are even less of a match for those who would harm the public interest.”  [italics added – FoWL Chi]

Ha ha! Our Trotskyist communist training taught us that “public interest” means “capitalist class interest”!  The so-called “public interest” is being threatened by WikiLeaks!  ICIJ was created to “defend the public interest” in ways that WikiLeaks would never do.

Now a lot of you will say at this point that we have jumped the gun because although the revelations so far are indeed suspicious they in no way confirm our precipitous conclusions.  Well you are wrong and we are right.  We have been sifting through the lies of the bourgeois press since 1979 so we have developed bullshit detectors (Joe Strummer taught us to do this) we can set to “11”.

Our bullshit detectors did not fail us this time either.  When we sought the funding sources for the ICIJ we found this (within five minutes of searching):

First clue to US Govt control of ICIJ

First clue to US Govt control of ICIJ

OK so we saw that ICIJ was a front for the “Center for Public Integrity” LOL! Oh the capitalist class never fails to amuse!  Their bullshit organizations stick out like a broken thumb to a trained communist!

SO! How hard was it for our organization of trained communists to cut through the thin veneer of the ICIJ’s obfuscationary cover? It was easy-peasy! We’re not stupid like you!

We followed the links:

Center For Public Integrity – About

LOL bingo! Funders!

ICIJ website_About-funders

Ha ha ha! You ICIJ assholes are 1 click away from exposure!


Center for Public Integrity Funders

Well there are a lot of major capitalist class pro-US Govt orgs here to be sure!  But we must dig deeper! We’re Trotskyists not morons like you! We dig until we get to the root of the criminal enterprise called the ICIJ/CPI.  LOL! The link is right there in front of your closed eyes: “Our People: Board of Directors” LOL Every journalist of the bourgeois press pretends not to see such obvious links to the criminals running the frauds they so gleefully participate in so they can further their “careers”.  We in the Friends of WikiLeaks do not seek to “further our careers” by pretending not to see crimes being committed in front of us!  So unlike the bourgeois journalists who have been bribed to ignore such evidence of their masters’ crimes we expose this:

Ho ho ho!  Here we are in the criminal belly of the ICIJ beast!

What a gang of strange bedfellows are to be found in this capitalist cabal!  Look at this! There are many weird critters on the oh-so-soporifically-named “Center for Public Integrity”‘s board but this criminal stands head and intestines below the rest:

Richard Lobo - former head of the CIA's anti-Cuban propaganda operations

Richard Lobo – former head of the CIA’s anti-Cuban propaganda operations

OK so after we saw this we began to denounce the originators of the “Panama Papers” scam.  Immediately we denounced the ICIJ for having Lobo on their board.  The entire world’s criticism of this gang of criminals seemed to propagate from our exposure – certainly WikiLeaks itself seemed to have been fully supportive of the ICIJ until we began to denounce it. Weird!

There are more scandals on the Board of Directors of the CPI.  For example:

Who asked YouTube to "manage" their response to the Arab Spring? What the hell does that mean?

Who asked YouTube to “manage” their response to the Arab Spring? What the hell does that mean?

And we also found this strange bedfellow of the CIA front the United States Information Agency’s Lobo:

Did you expect to see a Mother Jones journalist sitting on the same Board of Directors as Lobo? Us neither! Mother Jones has some explaining to do.

Did you expect to see a Mother Jones editor sitting on the same Board of Directors as Lobo? Us neither! Mother Jones has some explaining to do.

So this is what we found out about the ICIJ and the CPI who want to take over the role of WikiLeaks.  The CPI and ICIJ are so much a fundamental part of the US Government’s propaganda operations that only the most obtuse people can take their “Panama Papers” alleged “leak” at face value.

The US capitalist class is attempting to usurp every avenue of “dissent” in USA; they are creating fake NGOs like the “Center for Public Integrity”, ICIJ, and even “Black Lives Matter” which is run by the Democrats whose police departments are responsible for the murders of black workers the BLM is supposed to be protesting!  This is why we say workers need to organize a revolutionary socialist Trotskyist Independent Workers Party to fight for the rights of the working class.  Anything not completely owned, funded  and operated by the working class will be owned funded and operated by the capitalist class in the final analysis.  Anyone can determine the funding sources of any allegedly anti-capitalist organization just as we described our search for the source of ICIJ funding here. Most NGOs are created and funded by capitalist class front organizations.

You can join a fake Democratc-Party-run anti-police brutality org like Black Lives Matter or you can join a genuine working class revolutionary socialist party like the Independent Workers Party of Chicago. It’s up to you! Do you want the fake or the real?

Our entire investigation of the ICIJ and CPI took approximately ten minutes from the time we found out about the Panama Papers leak until we found Richard Lobo. You have to wonder why it took our VERY SMALL group of Trotskyists to discover and reveal this bullshit when the world’s press could not.

Workers of the World, Unite!  Capitalism must die so the workers may live!

Independent Workers Party of Chicago/Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago



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Chicago-based support group for WikiLeaks. We are always looking for new members who would like to help study and publish reports based on new document releases from WikiLeaks as they come out, as well as to provide public support for Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and all whistleblowers who come under attack from the US Government. Join us!


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