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EXCLUSIVE! US Military Declassifies Captured Document Detailing Planning of 20 January 2007 Attack on US Base in Karbala, Iraq

We WikiLeakeans are a strange breed: we scour declassified government documents to find the nuggets of pure truth that expose the moral bankruptcy, criminality and endless lies of the world capitalist class and their imperialist governments – and then make them available to a public that, for the most part, couldn’t care less.  WikiLeaks and its related organizations have published enough exposes on the crimes of the US/NATO and EU governments to completely discredit them as “freedom-loving democracies” long ago.  You could say that we have proven beyond a doubt the inadequacy of mere “exposure literature”.  Unless the workers of the world are organized into revolutionary socialist political parties dedicated to the overthrow of the criminal regimes of the international capitalist classes, you can expose and march and protest all you want to: nothing will change.

We know this, and yet we continue to publish exposes.  Why?  We cannot pretend to speak for all the supporters of WikiLeaks around the world; but at FoWL Chicago we hope that the handful of people who do care about the future world that all of our children and grandchildren will live in and who actually ARE paying attention will be inspired by our work to help organize the revolutionary political parties that must be created if we ever wish to overthrow the war-mongering, murderous, greed-based capitalist system and replace it with a globally united federation of  egalitarian socialist workers republics.


Here, we publish (as far as we know for the first time anywhere) a fascinating account allegedly obtained by US military forces in Iraq from one of the planners of one of the most sophisticated “terrorist” attacks ever carried out during the War Against Iraq: the 20 January 2007 insurgent assault on the Karbala Provincial Headquarters – a joint US/Iraqi military base – during which 5 U.S. soldiers were captured and then killed and 3 others wounded.   The document was obtained by us from the publicly-accessible US Department of Defense website’s Freedom of Information Act section.

The document is a translation of what appears to have been a diary kept by one of the chief planners of the Karbala operation.  In it he describes the meticulous month-long planning efforts that went into the attack: selection of the target; recruitment of trusted militants, acquisition of weapons and vehicles needed to carry out the mission; selection of routes to and from the attack site; procuring of safe houses and determination of ways to hide the weapons, vehicles, captured soldiers and commandos after the assault was carried out.  In effect, it is a textbook-like primer on how to conduct a successful commando raid on a small military base.

According to previously published reports on this incident the insurgents used 5 cars and as many as 30 commandos for the assault; this account states that there were in fact nine vehicles containing a total of 55 commandos – quite a discrepancy.

There are many interesting details revealed: how the lack of a cohesive military or political organization hinders the insurgents’ ability to develop cadres of men dedicated to a single goal; how unreliable many of even the most trusted insurgents are when it comes to actually carrying out their assigned missions; how even among the alleged leadership itself the lack of any kind of disciplined command structure leads to people at all levels of the operation failing to carry out their well-thought out and agreed-upon instructions, almost leading to a complete breakdown of the entire operation.  The entire document has what we call the “ring of truth” to it: it is too full of the kind of all-too-human frailties and self-inflicted errors to be a work of fiction.  It is one of the most compelling first-person accounts of a military operation we have ever read.  We hope you agree.

Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago

Memo Concerning 20 January 2007 Attack in Karbala, Iraq


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Chicago-based support group for WikiLeaks. We are always looking for new members who would like to help study and publish reports based on new document releases from WikiLeaks as they come out, as well as to provide public support for Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and all whistleblowers who come under attack from the US Government. Join us!


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