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FBI Documents: US Government, News Media, Originally Called Founders of Israel “Terrorists”

We present here for the reading pleasure of the workers of the world an ongoing series of documents recently declassified by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation that show that during the 1940s the U.S. Government and the U.S. news media considered the Zionist founders of the State of Israel to be dominated by “terrorist” organizations.

The FBI’s website’s Freedom of Information Act section is where we obtained these interesting documents.  The documants are part of the FBI’s dossier on the Irgun Zvai Leumi – the Zionist terrorist organization leader was Menachem Begin – future Prime Minister of Israel and future co-winner of a Nobel Peace Prize (along with another “great humanitarian”, Anwar Sadat).  They contain unvarnished assessments of the nature of the Zionist leadership of the nascent State of Israel from the 1910s through the late 1940s.  Here we see that – in stark contrast to what we see and hear from the Israel-worshipping US Government and its apologists in the bourgeois press – initially, the key founders of the Israeli state were originally characterized by the US Government and its flacks as “terrorists”.

We will be publishing the most illuminating selections from the FBI files under this same article over the next days and weeks as we peruse the thousands of documents released by the FBI thanks to the demands of many individuals, historians and news organizations who submitted FOIA requests to the FBI – the US’ version of Hitler’s SS.

We hope that our readers will find that the US Government’s long-standing principle of “we don’t negotiate with terrorists” has been extremely flexible over the years – to say the least.

We hope that these documents shed some much-needed light on how the State of Israel was actually founded and how the United States Government position vis-a-vis the leadership of the Zionist movement went from outright horror and hostility to unapologetic and unbridled support.

Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago

Document One: FBI, tasked with investigation of Zionist “terrorist” supporters in the US, seeks to provide its agents with a brief historical background on the Zionist movement in Palestine – as understood by the US War Department circa 1942.

4 March 1948: SAC Newark (New Jersey, USA) to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover: History of Haganah and its terrorist offshoot, Irgun Zvai Leumi

Document Two:  New York Times characterizes Irgun Zvai Leumi as a “terrorist” organization.

8 September 1947: New York Times Characterizes Irgun Zvai Leumi as “Terrorist Organization”

Document Three: Albert Einstein Denounces Irgun Zvai Leumi (Renamed the “Israeli Freedom Party”) as “fascist”.

3 December 1948: Albert Einstein Denounces Menachem Begin’s “Israeli Freedom Party” as “Fascist”

Addendum: Full Text of Einstein’s  denunciation of Menachem Begin’s “Israel Freedom Party”:

Einstein Denounces Menachem Begin


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