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Transcripts of Declassified US Radio Propaganda Broadcasts from War Against Afghanistan

It’s been quite a day here at FoWL – Chicago!  We’ve been rummaging around the garbage bins at the US military’s FOIA website and have pulled a few interesting nuggets from the dumpster before they get tossed into the vast Memory Hole that is the short attention span of the average US wage-slave.

Here, we present to our readers a fine collection of US “public service messages”, translated into English, which were broadcast to our long-suffering sister and brother workers and peasants of Afghanistan.

What kind of information would the US military want to disseminate to the masses of people in Afghanistan living in constant fear of yet another unprovoked US/NATO attack?  Why, of course it would be information vital to the US military’s mission to reduce “collateral damage” (a.k.a. the mass-murder of civilians not specifically targeted by US “precision bombing”).

“The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Coalition Forces would like to remind you: for your own safety, please do not follow too closely when driving behind military vehicles.  Please do not pass a line of military vehicles.  The Afghan National Army and Coalition Forces are working hard to ensure your safety and security.  Please help us by maintaining a safe distance from all military vehicles.”

Now that’s what we call good ‘ol-fashioned American hospitality!  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, etc., etc.  But still, it would have been nice if they’d given the people of Afghanistan a bit more detail as to just exactly how far from a military vehicle a “safe distance” actually is.  Otherwise we’d have to conclude that the best way to avoid being shot to death “accidentally” by a member of the US occupying force in Afghanistan would be to never approach any Afghan Army or US military vehicle closer than a few hundred yards beyond the theoretical range of the weaponry being carried on the military vehicles in question.  Of course, making that determination would require that you first determine what kinds of weapons are on those military vehicles a mile or so away from you – which is quite impossible even in the daytime with excellent visibility.

The vast humanitarian basis for the US War against the Afghan people is fully delineated by the following heartfelt propaganda message:

“People of Afghanistan, the United States does not want to colonize your country, nor do we want to shed the blood of your innocent people.   However, the United States does want to take Usama bin Laden and his supporters in to custody for their involvement in the attacks on the United States on 11 September 2001 and other terrorists [sic] acts.  If Usama bin Laden is not turned over to our authorities we will come into your country and take him by force.  This could lead to blood shed [sic].  Innocent people could inadvertently be injured.  The United States does not want to see this happen.  We want a peaceful end to this horrible time in our world’s history.


“If Usama bin Laden and his followers are not handed over to the United States, we have no choice but to come and destroy them. […]  We will come from the sky, the land and from far away seas. […]  Your choices are clear give us Usama bin Laden and his followers or face the wrath of the United States.”

Now what could be more reasonable than that?  Obviously the propagandist for the US imperialist military forces carefully studied Afghan culture and came to the understanding that it is part of the Afghani code of honor that if an invading army attacks Afghanistan and murders thousands of innocent men, women and children of Afghanistan and then demands that the Afghans turn over to the invaders people who the invaders declare to be their enemies (people who are guests in Afghanistan) then the best thing to do is to hand over the guests to the invading army so that the invaders can murder the guests of the Afghanis!  It’s a simple as that!  What civilized person could possibly refuse to comply with such a reasonable demand?

It is amazing to see such well-thought out psychological operations being deployed by our “heroes” in Afghanistan!  Undoubtedly, these psychological warfare units are one of the principal reasons why the War in Afghanistan is going so swimmingly well for the US and Afghan government forces.

CENTCOM FOI Reading Room : 5 U.S.C. § 552 (a)(2)(D) Records:Broadcast by U.S. Psychological Operations [Afghanistan] – Media Radio from 2001 through 2008


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