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US Department of Defense Releases List of All 300+ Hollywood Films DoD Helped Produce

Hello friends!  Ever wonder what it means when you see on the Big Screen a reference to the fact that the movie you just watched and had an emotional response to was produced “with the assistance of” the US Military?

Just how extensive has the US military’s influence on Hollywood been over the years?  How many movies has the US Department of Defense helped bring to the public’s attention?  How extensively has our collective consciousness been surreptitiously influenced by the US military-industrial complex?

Now, thanks to someone’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) inquiry, we have a comprehensive list of ALL the Hollywood films that have received the US military’s blessings and technical assistance.  The list goes back all the way to the silent film era – they claim that they helped produce D.W. Griffith’s notoriously racist, pro-Ku Klux Klan film “The Birth of A Nation”, as well as (apparently) “Francis” the 1950 film that ushered in the “Francis the Talking Mule” franchise!  Other surprises on the list include “Ernest Saves Christmas” and “Airport ’75” and “Airport ’77”.  We wonder what subtle, pro-military messages they managed to get in to these approximately 330 Hollywood propagands vehicles?  What was the reason for their involvement in “Twister”?  “The Rocketeer”?  “Iron Man” I and II?  You didn’t know that when you go to see a Hollywood film these days that you may be getting a dose of pro-US military propaganda, did you?

So we hope all you film buffs enjoy this contribution to the history of US Government propaganda efforts in Hollywood over the past century.  By the way: the source for this document was the United States Department of Defense website’s FOIA section at and was released to the Internet on 20 June 2014.

We’re also going to present another doc that was released along with the film list:

14-F-0708_DOC_01_United_93_Film_PA_Approval   Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “US Department of Defense Releases List of All 300+ Hollywood Films DoD Helped Produce

  1. I obtained this list via a FOIA request and published it on my spyculture website. However, I was not the first – an academic obtained the same list and published it on shortly before I requested it. Check out ClandesTime, particularly the episode ‘Fun with FOIA’ for more.


    Posted by tom | November 29, 2014, 5:08 AM
    • Tom: thanks for the comment! Checked out your website and it looks like it has some very interesting docs & videos. The US Government’s use of popular culture, especially Hollywood films and TV shows – to spread disinformation and pro-US Government propaganda is something that needs to be brought to the attention of everyone. The proliferation and popularity of cop shows making heroes of CIA (24) and FBI agents (X Files) and the TV programs “based on” the US military’s investigative units (the NCIS series) are naked attempts to make these services seem “cool”, democratic and dedicated to the search for “truth” – all of which is hardly the reality of the situation, as is amply proved by cases like Chelsea Manning’s, Jeremy Hammond’s and those of the long-suffering inmates trapped and tortured at GITMO (as we all know).
      Was your FOIA request for the DoD – Hollywood film list fulfilled before, after or simultaneously with the Pentagon official release of it on 20 June 2014? How long did it take for you to obtain it?

      FoWL Chicago


      Posted by fowlchicago | November 30, 2014, 1:48 AM
      • My FOIA request was made back in March of last year, and was fulfilled in a matter of days. As I say, it seems an academic had requested it shortly before I did, because they posted it on shortly before I made my request, and so they just sent me the same document.

        I have since obtained similar lists from the Air Force, the Marine Corps and the National Guard, but the CIA have resisted so I’ve had to start piecing together a list of their films myself. A friend and I are doing a series ‘The CIA and Hollywood’ in the coming weeks that will start to pick through their work in this area.


        Posted by Anonymous | February 11, 2015, 12:48 PM

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