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Newly Declassified Docs: US Military Planned “Dr. Evil”-like Moon Base in 1950s

Well, perhaps they didn’t actually plan to have a moon-based laser like Dr. Evil had in “The Spy Who Shagged Me”, but one of the US Army’s resident creeps and former head of Hitler’s V-2 rocket program Wernher von Braun, in 1959 enlisted fellow Rat Line beneficiary and ex-Nazi Heinz-Herman Koelle to help design a secret US military base on the Moon from which they could launch nuclear missile attacks on the Soviet Union and other real and perceived enemies of the US capitalist class.  It’s name?  “Project Horizon”.

The two comprehensive documents we publish here detail the US Government’s pet Nazis’ space fantasies in detail: military considerations were to be paramount in Project Horizon; scientific inquiry would take a back seat, if it was even to be considered at all.  In contrast to the plans revealed by Dr. Strangelove in Stanley Kubrick’s classic movie of the same name to utilize deep mineshafts to harbor a sizeable, nubile nucleus of the master race in post-nuclear-Apocalypse USA, Project Horizon envisioned only a very small number of lucky human beings who would be permitted to staff the moon base in time of nuclear war.  The notion that the USSR was a fragile and unstable political entity that was bound to collapse due to the hollowness of the socialist economic system was “alien” to the US military planners at the time, having been so recently upstaged by the USSR’s pre-eminent role in the first forays of the human race into the exploration of space with Sputnik (the world’s first artificial Earth satellite).  By 1959, when “Project Horizon” was hastily slapped together, it was the USSR, not one of the world’s capitalist states that had launched a number of lunar missions and which had established the Soviet Union as the world’s leader in space exploration.

“Initially the outpost will be of sufficient size and contain sufficient equipment to permit the survival and moderate constructive activity of a minimum number of personnel (about 10-20) on a sustained basis.  It must be designed for expansion of facilities , resupply, and rotation of personnel to insure maximum extension of sustained occupancy.  It should be designed to be self-sufficient for as long as possible without outside support.  In the location and design of the base, consideration will be given to operation of a triangulation station of a moon-to-earth [sic] baseline space surveillance system, facilitating communications with and observation of the earth, facilitating travel between the moon and the earth [sic], exploration of the moon and further explorations of space, and to the defense of the base against attack if required. The primary objective is to establish the first permanent manned installation on the moon.  Incidental to this mission will be the investigation of the scientific, commercial, and military potential of the moon.”

[Source: US Army: Project Horizon, Volume I: Summary and Supporting Considerations” (1959), page 2 ]

Nice, huh?  Remember how apologists for US imperialism used to laugh down the USSR’s representatives when they tried to expose the whole US space program as nothing more than a thinly-veiled belligerent US military program?  Yeah, those commies were really full of shit, weren’t they?

But the US imperialists weren’t then (and aren’t now) limiting their grandiose plans for control of the world to merely Earth and the Moon; not at all!:

“The establishment of the outpost should be a special project having authority and priority similar to the Manhattan Project in World War II. Once established, the lunar base will be operated under the control of a unified space command.  Space, or certainly that portion of outer space encompassing the earth [sic] and the moon, will be considered a military theater.   The control of all United States military forces by unified commands is already established and military operations in space should be no exception. A unified space command would control and utilize, besides the lunar base, operational military satellites and space vehicles, space surveillance systems, and the logistical support thereof. Other space commands might be organized as our operations extended to translunar space.”

Here we can see that “space surveillance systems” were conceived by US military planners as early as 1959; and that their goal – back during the Eisenhower Administration! – was to seize for the United States the military control of the Solar System… and beyond!

Strangely enough, that same year the US Air Force had pondered launching a nuclear weapon at the Moon sufficiently large to create an explosion visible from Earth – in order to prove to everyone on the planet how jackass-stupid powerful the US military was!  They even had convinced a young Carl Sagan to help with this idiotic project!

“…Whether ’tis nobler to colonize the Moon or to just blow it up?”

Do we need any more reasons to take the weapons out of the hands of the most dangerous ruling class in the world – the U.S. capitalist class?

Here are the two recently released volumes of “Project Horizon”.  We picked these up from the

Wikipedia article on the Moon which we were forced to resort to after we had our understanding of planetary evolution attacked by the idiot website “Educating Humanity”, where they claim that the Moon is hollow and was created by space aliens.

US Army: Project Horizon, Volume I: Summary and Supporting Considerations” (1959)

US Army: Project Horizon, Volume II: Technical Considerations & Plans (1959)

Additional source material from  Wikipedia articles: “Project Horizon” , “Heinz-Hermann Koelle” , and “Wernher von Braun” .  Also “Project A119” from


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