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Get your copy of the Lavabit Case Files Right Here!

We are pleased to offer our readers a complete copy of the full 162-page just-released set of case files on the National Security Agency [NSA]/Lavabit scandal.

Lavabit, as our readers must be aware, was a small company in the United States, founded by Ladar Levison, which provided secure, encrypted email services to the public; their most famous user was one Edward Snowden.

The day after Snowden heroically made public his world-shaking revelations about the extent of the NSA’s vast spy ops, the US Government, through it’s version of the SS, the FBI, contacted Levison and asked him to provide them full access to Snowden’s account.  During the negotiations it became clear that the FBI wanted much more than just access to Snowden’s info; they wanted the passwords that would give them unfettered access to every account on the entire Lavabit site.  Levison, quite courageously, refused to do this, first “complying” with their order by providing the Feds with his complete PGP key in a printed form using a four-point font size, rendering the information useless to the Feds.  Then, when the FBI responded angrily to his ruse, he simply shut down Lavabit and erased all the data on all his servers.

We encourage our readers to show their love for Mr. Levison’s and his heroic defense of everyone’s privacy rights by contributing to his legal defense fund, which you can find HERE!

These files, which we downloaded from Wired’s website, which is currently featuring an excellent article on the new revelations in the Lavabit case.

So, without further ado, here they are.  Enjoy!

Lavabit: redacted-pleadings-exhibits-1-23

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