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Update on Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago’s Membership Numbers

It seems like just yesterday we were complaining about the vast sea of apathy that exists in the working class intellectual wasteland that exists here in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA.  The utter lack of any serious working-class opposition to the continuing massive assaults on the trade union movement in Chicago continues unabated.  The unionized Chicago working class, led into the blind alley of supporting the pro-capitalist Democratic Party by its own trade union bureacrats, seems to be stunned and bewildered into inactivity like a punch-drunk fighter who is no longer able to even raise his arms to defend himself from his opponent’s blows.

So, here’s the update on our membership numbers: We have the same number of members today that we had when we first started this blog!  This blog has attracted not a single email from even one curious Chicagoan of any age, race or class background interested in joining FoWL Chicago!  Apparently, the idea of defending the world’s number one whistleblowing organization doesn’t seem to be a worthwhile project to the stupefied citizens of the US’ third-largest city!  This, in spite of the fact of the enormous impact – mostly felt outside the US – of Edward Snowden’s revelations that the National Security Agency is spying on every form of communication transmitted by every US citizen by phone, email or social network(1)!  It is truly mind-boggling how a population of 4 million human beings can stand by so stupidly while “their” government openly abuses them in ways previously believed to only be possible in the “Evil Empire” of the Soviet Union!

The frontal assault on the city workers unions and the teachers’ union – led exclusively by the same Democratic Party machine that has relied on these unions for political support since the 1930s expects these very workers to get out the vote for the Democrats in every election year – has produced hardly a whimper from the working class.  The bizarre spectacle of the Chicago Teachers Union – led by Democratic Party shill Karen Lewis and her class-collaborationist crew – picketing Chicago’s City Hall, where Lewis’ own political party reigns supreme – was a sad example of how completely bewildered even the most well-educated union workers in Chicago are at this point in our history.  Betrayed by their own leaders, Chicago’s union membership staggers from defeat to defeat, presenting only the ilusion of class struggle in which one half of the Democratic Party pretends to opose the union-busting tactics of the other half of the Democratic Party.

The idea that it is imperative for the US working class to break away from the twin parties of capitalism – the Democrats and the Republicans – and create an independent working class party that fights for and defends the interests of the working class – is looked upon by the defeatist elements in the US working class in the same way that people in the late 1800s looked upon the idea of “flying machines”: as if it were an utter impossibility.  Never before in the history of the world has the working class of a major industrialized nation appeared to be so completely spiritless and housebroken as to be utterly unable to defend itself in any way at all.  Only during the Hitler and Mussolini regimes, after the trade unions were smashed by the fascists – or during the darkest years of the Stalin regime in the USSR when even a working class hero like Leon Trotsky could be falsely accused of being a traitor to the working class –  do we find a similar case of stunned stupefaction among the leading ranks of a working class.  It is, in a word, pathetic.

“For brave men, there is always a remedy for oppression” – Frederick Douglass

Where are the brave men and women of the US working class?  Where have you gone? Are you so completely cowed by the rise of the US police state that you truly believe that all struggle is doomed to failure before it even begins?  Are you so comfortable in your jobs and secure economically that you see no need to fight for your rights?  Do you expect that it is up to someone beside yourselves to lead you out of your present, declining economic status into a better future?  Are you so brain-addled that you cannot even work up the guts to stand up for people like Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Assata Shakur (2), Jeremy Hammond (2a), Glenn Greenwald (2b) or your brothers and sisters in Afghanistan and Iraq (2c) who are all under attack from “your own” government?


No one is going to fly down from heaven to save you from this disastrous situation!  YOU have to do it!  Not the woman next door, not the man down the street – YOU!  YOU have to fight for a better future for YOUR children and grandchildren!  No one else can do it!

On July 27th, there will be worldwide demonstrations of support for Bradley Manning, the courageous whistleblower who exposed the vast hypocrisy and criminality of the US Government and its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Demonstrations have been called for cities all over the US and throughout the world to demand that Manning be freed from prison and treated as the hero he is.  BUT NOT HERE IN CHICAGO!  Here in Chicago, where cowardice and apathy reign among the working class, where the beaten-down workers humbly submit to the abuses of their capitalist masters like perfect slaves, there is no demonstration being planned at this time!  Not a single worker bothers to seek out the WikiLeaks support group organized in Chicago – apparently, you have better things to do than to stand up for your Constitutional rights!  You have allowed Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Democratic Party to place yokes around your necks and lead you to the very doors of the slaughterhouse of capitalism, where the capitalist class announces that they have a “right” to assassinate you if they feel that what you say or write or who you associate with displeases them (3)!  And you do nothing in your own defense!  The capitalists declare that they no longer see the point in educating your children, whom the capitalists have no intention of ever employing in the future, and they start closing down the public schools your children need in order to live a decent life – AND YOU DO NOTHING!  What the hell is wrong with you, brothers and sisters?  Are you going to allow yourselves to go down in history as the most cowardly, craven and outright stupid generation of workers ever to walk the face of the Earth?

No?  Then WAKE THE HELL UP and start defending your rights before you have none left to defend!

Join us!

Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago


(1) Do you need a link here?  Are you so fucking stupid and out of touch with reality that you don’t even know who Edward Snowden is?

(2, 2a, 2b and 2c) Don’t know who these people are?  Have you been watching “Gilligan’s Island” reruns all your life?  Is your favorite TV show “Wheel of Fortune”?  That explains it. Sorry we bothered you.  Go back to sleep, dummy!

(3) Do you think we’re making this up?  Do you know who Anwar al-Awlaki is? No?  Were you born with your head up your ass, or is this a recent development for you?  WAKE THE FUCK UP!


About fowlchicago

Chicago-based support group for WikiLeaks. We are always looking for new members who would like to help study and publish reports based on new document releases from WikiLeaks as they come out, as well as to provide public support for Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and all whistleblowers who come under attack from the US Government. People of all political stripes are welcome (except fascists). Join us!


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