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Read the FBI’s “Occupy Wall St.” Files – Democrats Unleashed Political Police on Law-Abiding Protestors – Again!

It’s hard to believe but there are still people out there – tens of millions, in fact! – who, despite all the massive evidence to the contrary, think that the capitalist class’ Democratic Party headed by Torturer-in-Chief Barack Obama is “the lesser of two evils” when compared with the Republicans.  In fact, the only difference between these twin parties of the capitalist class is over how much brutal police-state repression should be used in order to keep the working class in line.

In 2011-2012, Democratic Party mayors in every major US city committed every crime against the working class they could in order to prove to their capitalist masters that the Democratic Party was fully prepared to unleash the full force of US police state terror against peaceful protestors upset at the naked robbery of the nation being daily committed by the US capitalist class and their criminal point men on Wall St. and in the boardrooms of every bank in the United States.  As a reward, the Democrat Barack Obama – lesser evil, indeed! – who proved his willingness to commit his government to defending capitalist class rule “by any means necessary”, including by legalizing the assassination of US citizens – was given the hundreds of millions of dollars necessary to buy the US Presidential elections as a reward for services rendered.

The documented proof of the Democrats’ willingness to commit any crime imaginable extends across the past two centuries and extends all over the globe: from the genocide of Native Americans and the running of the African Slave Trade to the mass murders of workers in Japan, Korea, Germany, Russia, Vietnam, El Salvador, Chile, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan – just to name a few… million!   And now, as the capitalist classes of the Middle East, supposedly secure in power just a couple of years ago, recoil in horror as one after another brutal US-backed regime crumbles after another, the US capitalist class, panic-stricken by the Occupy Wall St. movement, is passing draconian legislation essentially outlawing dissent and peaceful protest here in the US.

Proof of their criminality and willingness to shred the US Constitution and Bill of Rights was once again delivered to all who are willing to stare reality in the face last week when the bourgeois-reformist  Partnership for Criminal Justice Fund finally wrested from the secret vaults of the Obama Administration’s FBI a tranche of documents showing the extensive FBI infiltration and disruption operation waged against the “Occupy Wall St.” movement.

These documents have been released as a .pdf file and we are pleased to offer our readers their own copy of the first collection exposing the Obama administration’s FBI spying operation against the “Occupy” movement in the hopes that this will put an end to the increasingly insupportable myth that the Democrats are a “lesser evil” political party deserving of the support of the working class.

Here they are, courtesy of the PCJF and


Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago


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Chicago-based support group for WikiLeaks. We are always looking for new members who would like to help study and publish reports based on new document releases from WikiLeaks as they come out, as well as to provide public support for Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and all whistleblowers who come under attack from the US Government. Join us!


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