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1893, US Government Scandals, US Steals Hawaii

The History of US Imperialism: How the US Stole Hawaii

The United States Government did not just start to “go bad” recently.  Even if one decides to grant the US a “pass” for the monumental crimes against humanity committed by the US aristocracy against the Native Americans and the African peoples the “founding fathers” murdered and  enslaved – and we certainly will NOT give them such a “pass”, now or ever! – those who wish to make excuses for the US aristocracy must deal with the historical record.  Unfortunately for the many, many apologists for US imperialism, the historical record does NOT show any time in US history (with the possible exception of the US Civil War) – when the US government was “on the side of the angels”.  In fact, the historical record argues quite the opposite point: the US government has almost always and practically everywhere been on the side of the devil.

The US annexation of Hawaii is a case in point.  A gang of US scumbags connived to steal Hawaii right out from under the feet of Hawaii’s citizens and its sovereign government – with the help of President Grover Cleveland and of course, the US Marines.  This story is unknown to the vast majority of US citizens who deliberately avoid learning the truth about their nation because they prefer to believe the lies they’ve been fed from Hollywood movies and censored history books.

We present to the world one of the first major works of truth-telling about the US government; this one is from 1898 and is written by the Hawaiian Queen who was deposed by the government of a US president who claimed to be a firm friend of the Hawaiian people, but who turned out to be a shit-eating liar like every single one of the swine that have occupied the same office to the present day.  This story contains all the elements present in every crime of the US government throughout history: treachery, duplicity, fake diplomacy, lies, fraud, double-dealing and, finally, military intervention and the US Government’s all-time favorite:”War is a continuation of state policy carried on by other means” [see: Clausewitz]

“Hawaii’s Story by Hawaii’s Queen”

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