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Ecuadorian Minister of Foreign Affairs Defends Grant of Asylum for Julian Assange

[The following is the text of a press release on the website of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in which the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ricardo Patino defends his nations grant of political asylum to Julian Assange of WikiLeaks.  The original article is here:  We have interpolated what we feel may be more accurate translations where we felt it was appropriate to do so.  These interpolations are enclosed in brackets.  – FoWL Chicago]


Quito, December 19, 2012

Ecuador defended its prerogative in granting asylum to citizen Julian Assange

Ecuador defended its prerogative on Thursday of granting diplomatic asylum to Julian Assange and reiterated the

request to the United Kingdom  to give safe-conduct to the Australian citizen so he can move to the country, in

[accordance] with the International current legislation for the promotion and protection of human rights. Minister

Ricardo Patiño [reasserted] the Government willingness to find a diplomatic solution to this case.

In an interview with GamaTV, Minister Patiño assured that Ecuador hopes to continue within the path of dialogue to

find a solution to this impasse, that has occurred between Ecuador and the United Kingdom, with the main purpose of

protecting Julian Assange´s Human Rights and his physical and emotional integrity, therefore he asserted that: we

optimistically hope some time passes by and we can find a diplomatic way out, because it will be a healthier relation

between both Nations and a shorter as well”.

“An international Diriment about the topic, normally, we know of it because of the experiences, it will take years”,

added when referring to the options on the Assange´s case, who reached 6 months on Wednesday of being sheltered in

the Embassy of Ecuador in London.

The minister also [stated] that Ecuador, according to its compromise with fundamental liberties and in the exercise of

its sovereignty, made [the] decision of granting diplomatic asylum to the founder of Wikileaks and called the United

[K]ingdom and Sweden to [seriously consider] the country´s [position]. Therefore, Ecuador is forced to protect him,

in [accordance with] Article 41 of the Ecuadorian Political Constitution and of the International compromises acquired by the

country in matters of human rights.

“We have insisted with the United kingdom the right that Ecuador has, the asylum and the legal argument to concede

asylum to Mr. Assange”, he pointed out.

In this way, both the domestic legislation and the principles of International Law established the principle of

non-refoulement and the right not to be extradited when causes politically motivated mediate.

“There are elements from the legal point of view of higher importance, particularly, right of asylum, of mobility”,

declared the Minister.
Ecuador granted diplomatic asylum to Assange on August 16th, after an exhausting analysis of his situation in which it

was determined that his human rights at are risk. Ecuador´s decision, which was supported by regional integrations

organization like the – UNASUR – it was based on 11 considerations, enshrined in the Ecuadorian constitution that

clearly defines [the] right to grant asylum, as well as in the Principles, Declarations and International Conventions related

to [Asylum] and Human Rights.



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