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Free All Victims of Chicago Police Torture – Class Action Lawsuit Hearing Wednesday, Nov. 14

One of our supporters has forwarded the following e-leaflet to us for immediate republication.  We urge every available politically conscious person in Chicago to attend this hearing!  See you there! – FoWL Chicago


Support the 100 still-incarcerated victims of Jon Burge and Burge’s detectives

Hearing set on class action suit – Pack the Court

When: Wednesday, November 14

8:00 AM — News conference in front of Cook County Criminal Court Building

8:45 AM — Proceed to Cook County Criminal Court Building, Room 101 for hearing on class action suit

Where:  Cook County Criminal Court Building

2600 S. California Ave, Chicago

* For close to three decades Jon Burge and the detectives under him, organized in the notorious midnight crew, brutally tortured African American men on Chicago’s south side in order to elicit confessions from them. How many men suffered at the hands of these torturers may never be known. But at least 100 remain incarcerated, whose convictions are based in part or in whole, on confessions tortured from them by Burge and his henchmen.

On Wednesday November 14 these 100 victims of Burge’s vicious practices could finally win their day in court. Lawyers from the Roderick MacArthur Justice Center and the People’s Law Office will appear before The Honorable Paul P.  Biebel to present a class action petition on their behalf. The hearing is set for November 14, 2012, 9:00AM, at the Cook County CriminalCourt Building, Room 101.

Come to a news conference before the court hearing to show your support for those still fighting to reverse their wrongful convictions based on confessions they were forced to make under torture. Then stay and pack the courtroom in support of these 100 victims of Burge and his detectives.

For more information, contact Mark Clements, Campaign to End Torture, at 847-276-1382



About fowlchicago

Chicago-based support group for WikiLeaks. We are always looking for new members who would like to help study and publish reports based on new document releases from WikiLeaks as they come out, as well as to provide public support for Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and all whistleblowers who come under attack from the US Government. Join us!


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