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Pissed off about the WikiLeaks Paywall? Blame yourselves.

This past week or two, if you tried to access the WikiLeaks main website, you probably encountered a red javascript-based paywall that solicited a donation to the cause – or you couldn’t get in to the site.

This happened to us a couple of times as we were in the process of setting up our FoWL blog here and frankly it did piss us off a bit.  We were able to access the site from the  Friends of WikiLeaks site by going back and forth between the two or clicking on the donation link after putting $0 in the donation box or something.  We forget how we did get in but we did.

At the time, we thought it was an excellent way to capitalize on the release of the new Stratfor Files that had just come out on October 10, promising new releases of emails produced in 2011 by Stratfor regarding the upcoming US elections.  We also thought that it was an excellent way to emphasize to the fans of WikiLeaks all over the world that they were in a very expensive legal battle to keep Julian Assange and possibly many other WikiLeaks members out of the clutches of the many governments – but especially the US government – that has been trying to destroy WL since its inception.

It seemed to us also that perhaps WL felt that too many of their followers were unaware that WL has found new methods of getting around the global bank embargo against WL.

All in all, we completely understand that 1) WikiLeaks is under attack by the imperialist US government and their NATO allies; 2) That defending against these attacks will cost a hell of a lot of money; 3) That far too many people in the world – and in the US in particular – seem to believe that they can enjoy all the fruits of the work of WikiLeaks and other groups (Anonymous comes to mind) without risking anything at all and without doing a damned thing to defend WL and the Anons when they get hauled into court.

Essentially, we feel that the alleged supporters of WikiLeaks and Anonymous and nearly every single pro-working-class party in the world seem to believe that all these activists are going to bust their asses 24/7/365 for them for free.  And it shouldn’t be that way.

Political activism is a profession, not merely a hobby.  Maintaining secure servers, performing vitally important work that is considered to be terrorism to the US government – but which is heroic to the working class of the world – is expensive.  The workers of the world, if they expect to have strong organizations to defend their rights, must be prepared to support the organizations that are risking their lives every day in defense of the working class.  And, far too often, the only support we are getting is a honk of the horn as you drive by, a nice word once in a while, or a pat on the back in the form of a Tweet, a brief comment on our blogs and a “keep up the good work” shouted at us as you pass us in the street.  AND THAT AIN’T NEARLY ENOUGH TO KEEP US ALIVE AND FREE TO FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS!

Americans, especially, think that they can get everything for free.  They bitch and moan like the best of them when it comes to complaining about the government, but when it comes to donating their hard-earned cash to organizations that seek to overthrow this disgusting US government, forget it!  They think nothing of pissing away thousands of dollars a year each on tanning salons, shitty Hollywood movies and every kind of mindless distraction you can imagine.  But when it comes to donating even a fraction of their income to an organization like  WikiLeaks or the Partisan Defense Committee or the  Bradley Manning Support Network, they – and their money – are nowhere to be found.  And it pisses us off.

MONEY DONATED TO PRO-WORKING-CLASS CAUSES IS A FORM OF CONGEALED CONSCIOUSNESS!  That’s an old saying from the communist movement.  And it’s absolutely true.  You can talk all you want about supporting Occupy Wall St. or WikiLeaks or [your favorite cause here] but if you don’t give them money or a shitload of your free time every year, then you don’t really support them at all – you’re just a tedious windbag who pretends to be a “radical” because you like hanging around intelligent, well-informed, selfless people.  But you’re getting a free ride off of us, and it has to stop NOW!

The entire planet is being destroyed by the capitalist class.  Environmental degradation on a massive scale is ongoing.  Hundreds of millions of workers all over the world are living in utter degradation thanks to global capitalism.  And the number of people in the US who are doing something – REALLY DOING SOMETHING about it, well you can practically count them on one hand!  This generation, and the previous two generations of US citizens, are a fucking DISGRACE!  Under your “leadership” you have stood by as your wages, benefits and social safety nets have been stripped bare by a US capitalist class that will keep robbing you until you and your kids and your entire family is living under a bridge somewhere… and you all act as if you could care less.  It’s just “business as usual” for 99% of the “99%”, while an infinitesimally tiny fraction of the US population is actually trying to change this rotten system before the capitalists manage to blow up the planet in WWIII.

You all claim that you are aware of this; you all admit over and over again that you don’t believe that your kids and grandkids will live in a better world that what we have today – and yet YOU DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING MORE THAN THE VERY LEAST YOU CAN DO to change the future for the better!

If every American worker gave $1.00 to WikiLeaks, $1.00 to the Bradley Manning Campaign, $1.00 to “Poor Magazine”, $1.00 to Anonymous, $1.00 to – just $1.00 a week to one of these groups, every week of the year – the revolution would be on its way so fast you wouldn’t believe it!  Bradley Manning shouldn’t have to beg for your money!  His campaign should have so much dough they could just ask for donations once a year, like PBS.  But you’re all too goddamned cheap to make even the slightest sacrifice financially – you’re far too “committed” to buying junk food and beer and paying for every movie channel under the sun, pissing thousands a year away on Lottery tickets and never giving a nickel to any of the organizations whose work you pretend to admire and whose services you use EVERY FUCKING DAY!

If you’re one of these shitty people who “support” us in word only and never in deed or in cash, then you are part of the PROBLEM and you should just stop your fakery and go get a job on Wall St. already!  FUCK YOU!  We aren’t going to stick our necks out for you any more you cheap shitasses!  THEN what will you do?  You’re too fucking lazy and spoiled and self-satisfied and COMFORTABLE in your shitty middle-class life with your worthless “careers” helping some greedhead rob the workers blind to be worth a damn.  You’re like 300,000,000 dead horses blocking the road to your own emancipation! What the fuck is wrong with you?  Were you all born with saddles on your backs to be ridden by the capitalist class your whole lives?  And aren’t you ashamed to know that you have brought children into this brutal world and are buying saddles for THEIR backs, so they can be “successful” SLAVES under capitalism?

The working class of the US has the government it deserves – a vicious, greedy, warmongering government for a vicious, selfish, greedy, warmongering working class.  The US is “a nation of cowardly slaves”.  You act as though you were born with your wrists tied to your ankles in a submissive sexual position just begging to get fucked by first the Democrats, then the Republicans, then the Democrats again, then the Republicans for the rest of eternity.  You selfish American workers make every decent human being on the planet want to puke their guts out.  “Why do they hate us?”  Your own grandchildren are gonna hate you even more for bequeathing to them this shitty future you have prepared for them so carefully, so cowardly, for so long!

When you slaves are ready to stand up and be counted like the men and women that you are supposed to be, we will know it – organizations like WikiLeaks won’t be forced to go around begging for money any more.  Bradley Manning will sleep well at night even after a savage beating from the Marines, knowing that millions of US workers are ready to give their lives to set him free.  The socialist political parties won’t be giving speeches in front of empty auditoriums any more.  And they will have the same kind of money and power that you assholes have given the Democrats and Republicans all these many years.

You don’t like paywalls in front of your favorite whistleblower sites?  THEN PAY UP!  It’s YOUR FAULT that paywall was put up – it’s the only way to WAKE YOUR STUPID ASSES UP to the fact that the people and organizations you need in order to survive are slowly being starved to death, not by the US government, BUT BY YOU, THE STUPID-ASS, FLAG-WAVING, SLAVISH, SELFISH, COP-LOVING, WAR FETISHIZING AMERICAN WORKING CLASS!


– A FoWL Chicago Supporter


About fowlchicago

Chicago-based support group for WikiLeaks. We are always looking for new members who would like to help study and publish reports based on new document releases from WikiLeaks as they come out, as well as to provide public support for Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and all whistleblowers who come under attack from the US Government. Join us!


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